Scott Brown senatorial candidate my 1st editorial image

I've always envied the photographers that have editorial images. It seems nothing of interest ever happens here so I haven't had the opportunity to participate in that category...that was until a campaign caller from Massachusetts called yesterday and said that Scott Brown would be in Worcester, Massachusetts to hold a peoples rally.

I grabbed the camera and charged the battery. This was the perfect opportunity to try out my Christmas present. I received a Canon zoom lens EF-S 55-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS. I also grabbed a monopod. I got to the rally early and ran up to the balcony when we were let in. Even with the monopod many of my photos came out shaken. I had no control over his movement. I am really pleased with the 4 photos that were accepted this morning. 4 out of 5 accepted is pretty good for me.

This man, Scott Brown, might pull off the biggest upset in the political scene in the USA ever. His election could send a message to the world that the United States will not get a health-care bill passed. This bill is very important to President Obama.

I'm especially impressed with how fast my photos were approved. I entered them as editorial(the election is tomorrow) and contacted support through the contact us area and asked for priority review. Amazing how fast this happened.

If he wins these photos might be my first opportunity to get a photo to another level.

Photo credits: Betty Copeland.

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January 19, 2010


It is a great privilege to receive compliments from all of you. I admire all your photos so much. Mcjanice you can imagine the excitement in this state right now. It has snowed here all day and yet the polls have been extremely busy. Now if these photos can sell it will have been a perfect experience for me.

January 19, 2010


Wow, congrats to you-that is a very big deal, especally in Mass. with this election!

January 19, 2010


Congrats, I love editorial images, it has more meaning.

January 19, 2010


congratulations, wishing you luck :)

January 19, 2010


political area is not easy... good luck and take care!

January 18, 2010


nicely done! :)

January 18, 2010


Thank you. This opportunity to photograph was a dream come true for me.

January 18, 2010


Congratulations for your photos!

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