Scrap Metal Industry

An industry many of us probably don't consider when we are getting ready for our photo shoots is the scrap metal industry right? Well I would like to shine some light on on the subject and maybe you would consider adding some rustic charm to your portfolio.

Rusty junk scrap metal outside

The picture above is the first ever image I have ever sold on Dreamstime and in my entire life I may add and its a pile of rusty scrap metal in a trailer. I'm sure a few of of us would scrap our heads thinking "why would a picture like that sale?"I would like to answer the question by saying that picture can never be duplicated in that same fashion ever again so you have an advantage over someone who say takes a photo of a green notebook and you have the same green notebook, sure you can recreate the same idea in the photo shoot as scrap in a trailer but your never going to get it the way it is in the photo, in the stock photo industry that is very desirable one of a kind will out sale run of the mill everyday of the week.

Abstract rusty metal background

The scrap recycling industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and appeals to many markets in the stock photography industry such as factories, scrap recycling yards, ship yards, mills, and even antique dealers for there websites or advertisements.


So next time you go out on a photo shoot or even just going for a walk if your see something rusty, charming, and interesting make sure you got your lucky camera handy!

Photo credits: Gluestick.

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April 17, 2018


Ya can't beat rusty metal texture.

March 13, 2018


Thanks for your article. I so agree.

March 12, 2018


I love a bit of rusty metal !

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