A sculpture by Drago, Marin, CHERINA (1)

World famous sculptor, painter, and environmental artist Drago, Marin, CHERINA was born in 1949, with Italy, France, Russia and Yugoslavia's sculpture family pedigree seed, in the age of 20 shows its special artistic talent. Perhaps with the romantic state of blood, making him have the personality understanding and accurate grasp art, asing if innate ability, like nature itself.

Young girl maria

young Girl maria from master cherina. it taken in the xian expo garden, it was a whole body naked girl sculpture, legs together holds off the chest, the whole body curled up sitting on a stone, let you can feel girl's shy, and let you feel the artist wants to show you, his view of the beauty, beauty is a kind of flavor, a natural, a kind of attitude.

Later on the work of master cherina, I will also shoot regularly.

I just took the vast sea of the iceberg, and I will be hardwork, if you have a good idea, please a lot of advice!

thank you!

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  • Jameshexin
  • Xi'an, China

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