SD versus CF or simple SD and CF

I am using this for quite a long period already. It us such a big convenient thing to manage my pictures during holidays, long trip etc...

It is a simple item which is a Secure Drive to Compact Flash converter commonly called SD/CF converter. The unit has the same size that a IBM Microdrive or CompactFlash II model.

Why this unit is so convenient ? Firstly, the CF memory is well know (from the beginning) as capacity limited, as speed transfer limited and mainly for me as an expensive memory card comparing to the SD. Today, we can see that the SD technology and price are grow faster in terms of speed and price goes down.

Secondly, I always bring along my laptop with me wherever in holiday. My little laptop has a build-in SD reader. It is just nice to extract rapidly every pictures.

My configuration is one SD/CF converter with 2 SD of 8Gb Ultra III and a bunch of old 1Gb SD from my old point and shoot camera as pares.

I touch wood. I am never been out of memory card for any photo session including the wedding one ;)

For whom who are interested to this solution, there is plenty of converter available on the famous auction website for about $15. Beware of choosing a SDHC model if you intend to use more that 2Gb SD cards.

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November 09, 2011


Thanks for sharing... Great info as always.

November 09, 2011


@Nikon4004: I go agree with you ... the price cone down very much but still CF is double or triple the SD price.

@Bradcalkins: Again I do agree with with the latest upgrade of the CF standard allowing the CF to break the barrier of Speed and capacity. But the price makes the difference. For example CF Sandisk 8Gb is about $65 piece and SD Sandisk Supreme 8Gb is about $20 on site. I like CF flash or MicroDrive for the same reason that you.

November 09, 2011


I have that problem solved. CF cards have cone down so far in price, I carry 40gig worth of cards. I also have a 40gig battery operated HD JUST in case!

November 09, 2011


Interesting idea - but I'm not sure about the memory or speed limits on CF. Taking a quick look on Sandisk's site the largest CF card I see is 128GB and has a data rate of 100MB/s, and the largest SDHC card I see is 64GB and 95 MB/s. Personally I like CF more as it has the contacts recessed and they are less fragile - but things seem headed towards SD these days...

Glancing at my stack of cards, my CF cards seem to be about twice the speed of my SDHC cards in the same brand/quality.

November 09, 2011


Thanks for the info, you're always very careful to technology!

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