SDD............. Sales Dropped in Dreamstime

Hi.... Since I joined DT few years back, I never had this low phase in sales............ for past one month sales have dropped to lowest, is it just me or overall sales in DT dropped. Your comments will be appreciated....

I have tried everything to promote my portfolio, and i'm sure even DT is doing the best, since I see DT banners in most of the sites I visit.....

Really Surprised to see my sales going a downward trend, How to improve sales???? Is being the exclusive only way? :-)

Please share if sales have dipped for others, and way to improve sales collectively for everyone..... Any ideas, please post here.......

Well here are some of my recent images.....

Photo credits: Creativei.


low sales

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October 12, 2018


For me, there is no sale yet.I have been here for 3 weeks.What I can do?In my portfolio has 107 active photos.

August 13, 2012


Same to me. I have never been this low with sales and income My statitics graph for last 3 months looks scary. But it seems it will be even worst. Last month compared with my usual earning is like twice as low. This month is even six times as low as my usual earnings.

July 05, 2012


ended my exclusivity. dreamstime isnt looking too good anymore

July 04, 2012


MinervaStudio: that statement of 2% says nothing as long as we don't know how much % of your pictures/work load are with DT, if it's for example 1% then you are actually doing very well ;) - for me May was good and June was even better if I see it from the growth aspect - with my only small portfolio I might not be significant to compare numbers, but I think I have to bring this up after all this doom and gloom here.

July 02, 2012


I wonder if Dt does even have some customers. My numbers ar quite clear: DT represents only about 2% of my earnings.
Everyone is having sales drop here, so it is not contributors' fault.

July 02, 2012


Same here by sales have dropped dramatically

June 28, 2012


I am seriously thinking about resigning from exclusivity....

June 27, 2012


I also have a lot less sales. Higher prices fewer sales. Wonder if this trend will continue. I'm glad I'm not an exclusive. Sales at other sites are still on the rise! There might be a shift from buyers towards other agencies.

June 25, 2012


Hi every one, I'm experience the same thing here, since May 2012 the sales drop and June is the worst month ever in sales and revenue hope that will get better.

June 25, 2012


My images sales are slightly higher but my monthly revenue is lower and my rpd is a third of my average which is not great. It seems that there are more subscription sales than usual.

June 22, 2012


It seems that It is the best month ever for me.
We are not at the end of the month and my record of sales is almost beaten. I hope and wish to everybody that there are more to come.
All the best for every contributor.

June 20, 2012


Thanks everyone for participating , In Sha Allah hopefully things will be better soon. I'm sure DT will do its part and lets do our part, shooting, editing, keywording and uploading..... above all promoting the portfolio through social media.

Wish you all the luck for taking part in this blog....

June 20, 2012


same here :-((

June 13, 2012


Checking my stats -- my earnings per photo are at an all time high. Volume might be off but I've had a nice string of credit sales over the past few days.

June 13, 2012


Me sales and revenue had dropped down 30% in May.

June 11, 2012


I got a very little porfolio...but I welcome the new level of prices. Think that will be a tendency with some agencies. There are buyers for every price in the market. And here the increase is still very acceptable ( by microstock standards).. Some professional microstock contributors have been saying that their income is been dropping (especially taking in account the costs of producing pictures with peoplehired models or eg.) . Could welll be the economic moment,where "everyone" is trying to reduce costs and not investing much. Maybe will be better to give a period of 6 months,for a more precise conclusion (my point of view). Any way I hope people get their normal sales level back( in the case they dropped).

June 11, 2012


I hope the DT strategy it will bring good results in the future, because now, is not working

June 11, 2012


Maybe the crisis?? I don't know, I only know that my sales fluctuate: some months I have very few sales and others I have good sales

June 10, 2012


I have found the very interesting article of Philip Wolmuth ,freelance photographer for 30 years ’’A photographer's view of the market today’’ (

June 09, 2012


I see the same conclusion from different contributors with different PF's: sales go down and (which is even worse) become very irregular. After 2 years of stable grow, last two months show some 'caotico' pattern. But - once again - let's hope for DT strategy. Since we have nothing else to hope for :)

June 09, 2012


when so many serious contributors have this problem - then that means there is something not working as it should - is it perhaps really the recession we are some sort of in and yet nor really in???

June 09, 2012


Past two months sales down by 50%. I F****** hate this. Revenue is up but with 50% sales, port exposure is suffering.

June 08, 2012


In May sales were coming in like a broken slot machine. June comes and WHAM virtually nothing. DT is fooling around with something and it's not fun being on the wrong end of whatever has changed.

June 08, 2012


I agree to everyone who says you have to look at it over a longer time frame and not only monthly - I just started over a year ago and in May I had under average sales regarding quantity but from the revenue side it was the second best month for me ever. If I look at the statistics I see an ongoing upwards trend with no sign of any weakness. I try to spread my portfolio in quite a few directions - city, but also much nature and some funny or odd situations.

June 08, 2012


Zenonk, that could be the fact, but since I joined here I never had such drastic non sales phase..... That's what is concerning me.

seems most of us are in the same boat.

June 08, 2012


For me sales are 50% down...

June 08, 2012


April was excellent. May was only 30% of that and no sale in June jet.

June 08, 2012


My last sale was two weeks ago :(...I dont have very large portfolio because I'm new here, but in a few last months, I have had 1-2 sales every 3-4 days...not much, but two weeks without any sale :(

June 08, 2012


I am exclusive on DT and since Christmas I had a very nice continuity... an average of 1 download/day... Not much, but continuous. And now it suddenly stopped. This is the 9th day in a row without a sale...

June 08, 2012


I think you folio is very narrow in the subjects that you cover. That might make it fluctuate in sales.

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