Sea Food

As a sea food lover I love to catch , cook and eat all kind of fish , shells and other things which are orginates from the sea.

I made some photographs of them while I was hanging around in the streets of local market in Istanbul,

Here are some examples. Fom left to right , schripms , sea breams ,red mullets , anchovy and sea bass.

In black sea region anchovy is cooked in very different ways, even cooked with rice and is really tasty.

Another traditional taste of Bosphorus is fried mussels and looks like this ;

Another way of cooking mussels is to fill them with rice ;

Shooting food is always fun but it is also sharing different cultures and tastes around the world.

Thanks for reading

Serdar Tibet

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet, Leventkugu.

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October 15, 2010


Beautiful pics! gnam gnam :-)

October 14, 2010


interesting shots :-p

October 13, 2010


Great images, I'm sure will do great with them.

October 13, 2010


Great photos! I wish you many, many sales! :)

October 13, 2010


Thank you very much. It is also very healthy too.

October 13, 2010


all great pictures,good luck on the sales!

October 13, 2010


Looks very tasty!

October 13, 2010


That`s the best food in the world! I simply love sea food! Thanks for sharing and congratulations for your beautiful photos!

October 12, 2010


You're doing great my friend! Keep up the good work!
By the way I love shrimps :)

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