in search of the camera....

hello every one...

this time i am here with a query.... i always felt i could be a good photographer. but i never had an opportunity and may be enough money to buy a good camera.

now a days, good quality digital cameras are easily available in the market and so many of them that it is rather bit confusing choosing one for me.

i want to buy a good camera and learn photography and then use it for the professional use..... suggest me some good models and guide me how should i pursue my photography career ....

hope to hear form you guys... and thanks in advance


Photo credits: Lalita Agnihotri.

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the biggest thing that I would check out is the accessories available. I have a D60 and am waiting for the D90 Replacement to come out before I upgrade but thats since I hate having to carry both a Dslr and Video camera in addition to a full compliment of mics for my larger projects.

To be honest I wouldent get a D60 again since you are limited on a few key factors such as it doesnt have a built in auto focus so it limits your available lenses, also the battery sucks and you cant get a decent battery grip.


I would suggest checking out what accessories/lenses are available for the cameras you are looking at. Find the brands in your area that you can easily buy lenses etc for. Then go into a store and try out the different brands. Each manufacturer arranges their buttons, and menus a little differently. What feels perfect for one person may feel clumsy or awkward for someone else. Read read read, if you understand what the different functions are for, you will be more able to feel how the camera will work for you when you are trying out the different models. Personally I didn't have much money when I went to buy my camera, so I bought the body I could afford at the time. The Canon 1000D (rebel xs) with the 18-55mm IS lens. As I can afford it I am buying good glass. Eventually I will upgrade the body, but for the moment getting good glass is more important to me on such a tight budget. I read somewhere that a cheaper body with good glass will take better pictures than an expensive body with cheap glass. Good luck :0)


I have a Canon 400D with kit lens.And a Ef 28-105mm les.I want to get new lens,I think the glass you use is very important.If I were to get another Camera.I would get another Canon.JMO I guess it is what you get use to.Good luck



to start i will advise you sony alpha 350, nikon d90, eos 450d. they are strong and lasting cameras not very expensive. you will need a decent lens too, buying a kit is normally cheaper : sony 18-70, nikon 18-135, canon 18-55. pentax and olympus are good too ( k20d , e-520 ). all are around 500 euros to 800 with the lens. but it's a matter of which one you like, all manufacturer make very good cameras. Me, i work with eos 1DS and d80. have a look on internet reviews too.


thanks a ton for such a quick resonance.... it's really a big help to get guidance at beginners' level...


I can recommend you Pentax...I know, it's not a trendy, in-fashion camera trademark, but has built-in antishake system (if I know well, Nikon has it on lens only, so lenses are really expensive because of this), ISO-priority and really great colours. :) . You can buy k10d or k20d on low price, because they have the new k7d, so older cams are getting more cheaper. If you need an easy-use, less professional cam, you can try Pentax k200d. Do not recognize the "poor image quality" comments on forums - I have a k10d, and I have lots of photos made from jpeg (I usually have no time for raw-converting) on DT- and k200d is better. :)
If you'd like a more common cam, Canon 350d or 450d should be a good choise - easy to use and really user-friendly cams, and many people use it, so these must be good. :)
Learn photography...well, you can learn colors, composition, settings...but you have to have a good eye for it that you cannot learn... :) It helps a lot if you see tons of shots on photo galleries or on DT, check the most popular files and find what make them useable and great. Of course, always use your eyes and heart, before your mind. :)


Hi Lailta I suggest you go for Nikon D90 which is really good, not a big professional camera, but yeah can give a run for money for other models. Even any entry level camera from Nikon & even Cannon is good. check my blog there is some link to digital camera buying guide. And about your other question, it depends on your interest level, there are plenty of sites online where you can learn about photography, why go so far, even our own DT has tons of tips and tricks, DT has lots of resource, just browse the blogs and forums.

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