In search of feminity

The beauty is size a variable. It can be increased and improved indefinitely. If, of course, to this business competently to approach.

Still there is an opinion, that the beauty is a natural gift, and to get it is impossible. Such representation is erroneous. Each woman is in own way beautiful, and this beauty it is necessary to keep, eliminate lacks, to underline individual qualities, to slow down ageing processes. All it means a harmonious combination of a colour skin and a make-up, a hair, a figure and a clothes. When the woman looks well, she is counterbalanced, assured of herself because it is convinced of that pleasant impression which it renders on associates.

What should be the modern woman?

Where is that live magically attracting fire, instead of cold model?

How can one find one's image in the present living conditions?

On these and many other questions can be found the answer in the image of women using only a combination of black and white colours.

In advance I am sorry for errors in the text! I only have started to learn English and not well enough with it I can operate. If you can, speak about errors which I has admitted

Photo credits: Indos82.

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