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Book 2009 Lucie Awards International Photography Awards

The 7th volume of the IPA Book Collection under the title 2009 Lucie Awards International Photography Awards has been published at 19 January 2011 and is for sale.The 7th edition has been published in both softcover, portrait format boasting 264 pages of award winning photographic work from both living legendary photographers and contemporary photographers alike. The 2009 Annual Awards Book highlights the work of all first, second and third place winners in both the professional and non-professional... continue reading

500 Images uploaded since 26th May 2009.

My first image was accepted by Dreamstime in May 2009 and about 8 months later with much effort I have reached 502 images today. Although my earnings are around $250 I spent that amount replacing one Nikor macro lens [ second hand at that ]. But I treated my Dreamstime work as a tutorial in photography learning from rejections although sometimes being depressed by theshortcomings of my submissions.I studied the work of successful members and being interested in politics and economics learned... continue reading

march 2009- march 2010

Hi to everybodyIn march 2009I sold my first image on dreamstimeAfter one year, yesterday I sold my 200th picture!Sure, one year ago, when I started my adventure with DreamstimeI thought to sell more images andto earn more money... but I thought olso that every image could be uploaded and could be sold... Everybody told me I was a good photographer, my shootsbeautifuland that I should try to sell my pictures, so I tried...But I didn't keep in mind the commercial... continue reading

happy new year,happy 2010

hello,every body !I am new here!I came later at the end of year 2009!I wish every body have a good journey at dt at 2010!our style to celebrate new year in china!nice lanternoh,mygod,I forget the US time is diffrent from chinanow my time is 23:30, happy new year everyone! continue reading

What I learned in 2009

What I’ve learned in 2009I had my first photo accepted in October.It was a picture of an outhouse with a solar panel attached to charge a light inside.I took the photo with a Sony Cybershot I carried around in my jeans pocket.I’ve been thinking about how my life has changed since then.This is what I learned in the last 3 months of 2009 by contributing to Dreamstime:1. Just because your first picture submitted was accepted doesn’t mean you are a good photographer.2. If your... continue reading

Best selling images in 2009

Before moving to a new year, we would like to disclose some backstage info for our active and ever growing contributing community: Dreamstime's 2009 best 10 images, a list of the most downloaded files this year. And since this cat is out of (Santa's) bag, here is another tip: although last year's top ten images still sell well and remain among most downloaded - in top 20 or 30 - they are no longer featured in top 10. Which means there is always room for improvement and fresh content has been uploaded... continue reading

A year in stock... 2009

My first full year of stock has passed, when I think I produced my best images in order to reach my objections:- 500 images online on Dreamstime- 1.0 download/image ration (actually 0.98)- 70% acceptance rateI've learnt a great deal about photography this year, tips that I would like to share here:- Edit my own work: I stopped submitting every sharp enough image I could produce and started to edit my work very tightly. The number of images I submit monthly went down, but both D/I ratio... continue reading

end of 2009

here comes the end of this year! it's not even one year that i'm part of dreamstime and my sales have been constently in progress, i hope the next year will be even better:)good luck to all of you, and thank you very much for all the comments on my other blogs:) continue reading

Year 2009 comes to an end

So, my first year of doing Microstock ends in a few weeks.I've learned a lot through this year.And I find, that the overall quality of my photos and illustrations improved a lot during this learn process the last months.Next to that, I've learned a lot about this business.That does not mean, that I know now, how it really works, but I think, I know it much better than in March, when I started with Microstock. :-)So, it looks like, that I will close this year with 165 images online at DT... continue reading

A first for Auzi - Robert Allenby

It has happened, it was hot! — I was there and have plenty to show …Now all that I wish is that I could get a few more up per day … but alas my past records [approval ratio] are the debilitation factor that will see me submitting pics into the new year, I'm sure of that …No matter, I'll keep at it —So for those that have been eagerly awaiting the samples to view, pls keep a keen eye out & you will see the new additions over the next few days/weeks [or months] as it does seen quite... continue reading

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