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level 3! and $3 away of payout.

This snuck up on me, i did not even realise i had a lvl three till just now.Also and more exciting (cause i could realy use the money right now)im almost at my $100.00 payout.Im $2.91 short of $100.00.Anyone want to use some credits please due! here are some nice photos for you.Thanks,Nicky continue reading

Ready for Some New Adventures

I've just moved again, which will make my current residence in the mountains of North Carolina the fourth state I've lived in so far in my life.I'm so excited to be in this area of the country. I've always wanted to live in the mountains, and I get the chance to now.The road to greener pastures was a difficult one: I broke up with my longterm boyfriend; got fired; had to move in with my parents for a few months; thought I had a new job but they got downsized before they could hire me; got turned... continue reading

Photographing trees

I love all beauty of nature - oceans, rivers, meadows, mountains, flowers, animals - esp. wolves, dogs, cats, dolphins, horses, birds. And... I love also trees. They are very beautiful "models" :-) Like this one - in the moment I have seen this tree, I wanted to photograph it. I have try to see the best angle, when suddenly ... I saw it! I have made a horizontal shot with space under filled with fallen leaves.I love to photograph trees in all seasons as they offer a good training how to... continue reading

On top

I just spent a three days extended weekend away from any type of sound except the ones made by the mountain springs, few high altitude species of birds or by the high wind of a lost storm.I had the opportunity this year to "conquer" the top 5 peaks in Romania (which may not mean that much for experienced climbers since the highest reaches 2545 meters) but for a non-professional like myself it's such an accomplishment!This kind of an escape from the daily schedule is a recommendation I... continue reading

Dreamstime, learning by the day!

I used to be a below average photographer with many photo's taken in a way the average tourist would take.Full of convidence you start to create an account and look around the site, and learn that there is quite some room for improvement. After my first uploads at DT, where obviously also pictures got rejected, I started to feel hungry to improve further. Now I have more pictures online, some of which are really nice and July actually brought me my first sale!The addiction of Dreamstime is taking... continue reading

Camera security .. especially while travelling

Having travelled a lot in developing countries, I am always aware of camera security. I know of people who have been followed from the airport and had all their luggage stolen from them immediately before entering their hotel. I also know of people who have lost their cameras in the street. It is sensible to organise your travel from the airport to the hotel prior to arriving and plan all your routes and travel methods. There is nothing worse than being robbed while on holidays and needing to organise... continue reading

Personal Milestone: Thanks Everyone! Please keep up the good work!

Today I logged into my account to see a very nice milestone for my account. I am an affiliate for the website,I am a rubbish photographer so I stick to promoting only :)The milestone: I've now made $10,000 in affiliate earnings for myself - nearly all of it is from people buying packages, and a small trickle from photographers I have refered. So I reckon the total revenue for will be close to $100,000 from the individuals Ive referred.Without all the brilliant photographs... continue reading

By God's Invitation Only

Since more than a year I had been told by an astrologer to go and worship Balaji at Tirumala (Tirupati) as some remedy to my problems. Being into spiritual healing, counselling and astrology as well I follow all these things very devotedly. Lord Balaji is known to be very kind to his devotees especially when it deals with money matters as its told. Well I didn’t need the astrologer to tell me to visit the pilgrimage, I myself had been wanting to go there since a long time. There is a strange thing... continue reading

Stick with what works.

So when there is a lot of lightning coming my way, with little rain and if the time of week is right, I love to go out and take bulb exposures of the lightning.Because there is a glut of lightning pics on dreamstime I tried unsuccessfully to submit some standard lightning pics to dreamstime.Initially, however, i submitted some lightning pics that where edited down to basic colors like these.These have been selling relatively well compared to my whole portfolio.So... continue reading

happy birthday ,..

Many happy returnshere's the car key & credit card..just kidding...I am nice, but not that nice. You buy your own wheels anduse your own credit card to fill the gas tank, lolmaybe if I sell enough microstock photos I just mightbuy you a bottle of champagne to celebrate.Or better still, if you buy enough bottles of champagneto get me a bit tipsy, I might just be under the influenceto let you get me to give you the car key and credit card.For now, let's eat... continue reading

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