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My new adventure

I am starting this adventure with Dreamstime, I have the pleasure to invite youto give a look at my portfolio, I accept tips to improve it and to learn.Thanks in advance.Zoommy     continue reading

Exciting News

I have exciting news to share! has invited me to be part of their team as an author.I will primarily be writing about travel photography.If you aren’t familiar with Photofocus, it is an on-line educational resource for photographers of all levels of experience.I think you will find its content very helpful.New posts are added throughout each day.When I started with Dreamstime, I was like many of you--trying to get images approved and hoping for a sale or two.But... continue reading

My new illustration for everyone

Hello! My new illustration for everyone!     continue reading

Flowers and plant photography

 I have heard many people say that in themicrostock world you should avoid photos of flowers and plants, because they're difficult to sell. But it's true? well, they're not an easy subject to manage, but certainly flowers and plants are still an exploitable niche market. Here are some tips that may be useful in this regard. 1) First of all: the name. The english common and scientific name it's essential. Most of reserach for flower/... continue reading

Photos with a cause

  Food waste is a serious issue in our world today. So much is thrown away either because we simply have too much or because it is not quite pretty enough to suit us.To demonstrate one way I prevent food waste I made a series of images dealing with feeding produce scraps to pigs. Many farm animals love fresh veggie trimmings!How does one go about making a visually pleasing image of vegetable scraps?As I filled my container I laid aside a few particularly colorful pieces, saving them... continue reading

GPS tracking apps for iOS to geotag your photos (ALL CAMERAS)

        Hi guys,I got bored to geotag my images manually so, I've decided to look for some options on my D750 (continue reading, the solution can be used on any camera!)The official solution from my camera brand maker is an external hotshoe GPS which doesn't appeal to me since:- it's big- external cable will bother my camera grip- is worth more than 200€I've read also about some bluetooth devices (linked to an external gps)... continue reading

Travel and sell: Is it possible?

Hello everybody!! :DAlthough I don't make a living with photography, I really love take pictures. And also love travelling. Since I joined dreamstime I didn't make any big trip, and in some months I'll be in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, visiting wonderful places and incredible photogenic scenarios like Atacama desert and Uyuni salar. I've been wondering: Is it possible to travel to far places, with the intention of visit it, and make good photos for selling? Most of my... continue reading

Capturing the Sunset

Great sunset photos must of course start with a great sunset. Here are a few simple tips to achieve your own great sunset photos.Keep an eye to the West. . . great sunsets often come, and go, very quickly.Use a tripod. . . you will need a fairly slow shutter speed when shooting in fading light.Set the white balance to daylight. . . shade or cloudy settings will add too much yellow to the photo.Use a low ISO to prevent excessive noise. . . slow the shutter speed as needed. . . remember,... continue reading

Upload instead of willing to sell at any cost...

Hi guys, here I am again.Browsing the Blogs, I found many many contributors willing to sell almost one or two images at any cost, as if this site is aimed "only" to sell whatever you post on uploading... Bad point of view... Here's mine...I started my subscription as a contributor years ago but kept uploading regularly only a few months ago. My main purpose was to have the satisfaction of being evaluated by experts and have the chance to know if my photographic work was sufficient enough... continue reading

To be serious... some tips on naturalistic photography...

Googling around I found that the majority of photographers concentrates on nature and its representations... I also noticed that a good quantity of microstock photos are picturing animals and landscapes. Despite of what sells more, it's good that every photographer does what it's better for his skills, and not that he tries to emulate others. I myself feel better when shooting dog breeds, and you can find some tips about it here. The main important thing in doing naturalistic photography... continue reading

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