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To Macro or not to Macro

 Some years ago I followed a course from a famous Dutch photographer. Well, he won some cool prices, but I didn't know anything about Dies Groot.Until I followed the course that is. And I must say it was great to see so many like-minded people crammed together in one room, talking about photos in general and judging eachother works. I was scared about my showing my work, since - well - I love making photos, but I never considered craeting a job out of it. Luckily for me, they did like my... continue reading

New camera - new problems

This shoot is made with Nikon D80, because my Sony was broken. D80 is quite an obsolete camera, so it's not easy to make sharp images in motion. Unfortunately about 95% of all pictures can not be used in commerce.Olga's boyfriend came to the shooting almost by accident. However, what often happens is that these accidents allow you to create the best pictures. continue reading

Car crash collection

I invite you to contribute your images into my Car crash collection.Welcome and enjoy! continue reading

Tragic accident with cruise ship off Italian Coast.

We are all now aware of the tragic accident last Friday to the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship with about 4000 passengers on board ,off the coast in Italy.There must be a demand for images of that ship prior to the accident.I knew I had images of cruise ships anchored off the Greek Island of Santorinibut upon searching my portfolio I could only come up with Costa Fortuna presumably a sister ship of Costa Concordia.Interestingly this picture shows just how much superstructure there is above... continue reading

Run Over By a Truck

I was in a really bad accident last week, literally run over by a 19 foot U Haul. I don't blog about this for sympathy but here it is summer, great weather and I am stuck in the house healing, and obsessing about all the great photo ops I missed during my accident and 7 hours in the ER.Firemen, cops, ambulances, stretchers, CTs, x-rays, IVs--all the medical paraphernalia I don't have access to photograph on a regular basis! Seriously not fair. I would have days of post processing and uploading... continue reading

Accidental approving?

I have habit (last couple months) to upload 10 files...and DT team has got habit to refuse one of them:)OK, nobody and nothing is perfect (I mean own pictures). Some are rejected for Poor execution, some - for Too many on site but today I've got this reason:- File approved by accident. We apologize for the inconvenience but the image needs to be removed.I wonder what was wrong with my file, is it state secret to not say to me? Folks, did anybody ever receive such reason? continue reading

Good photo by "accident"

My son is 13 years old. Yes, that special age. And he can be very persistent.Last weekend he couldn't stop telling me that he wants to shoot with my camera."You haveyour own camera" - "Butyour one is better" - "Your P&S camera is good, too" -"But your big fat DSLR is much better" ...It's very difficult to argue with your son in that age, especially when he is right. So I let him shoot our tortoise during feeding time with my DSLR camera being prepared to delete the photos afterwards.... continue reading

Photo by accident..

Sometimes, a photo was taken by accident can be a stock photo..Actually, I want to take a self portrait photo, but accidentally the camera was focus on my necktie and cannot see my face on the photo. I almost want to delete it but don't know why I still keep this photo. When I transfered photos to my computer, I noticed again this photo. Hey! let's do some photoshoping and upload it and surprisingly it was accepted. Luckily, I did not delete this photo.Please don't delete a photo too fast. You... continue reading

Continuing a Story I went out on a mountain bike ride.The day was sunny, the air cool and crisp, the sky bright blue.We were talking and having fun.All of a sudden something happened and I was going over the handlebars aiming at the ground.I landed under the bike because one foot didn't come unclipped.I pushed the bike off me and started getting up.My riding buddy was upset, wanting to know if I had broken something!A few years ago she had broken her clavicle badly on a fall and a... continue reading


May 12 ,there were 8.0 earthquake in China's Sichuan Province, earthquake caused at least 70,000 people dead and made millions of people homeless.pray for Sichuan! continue reading

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