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What Have You accomplish in 2014?

Now that 2014 is behind us, let's take one more look back and see what we accomplish to make 2015 even better. - I took around 6500 pictures with my camera and I'm planning on using it even more.- I added 74 picture to my gallery in Dreamstime. I would like to double even triple this number in the next year.- I launched my personal photography website "pərˈspektiv" in November (Text is in French)What have you accomplish in 2014? And what are your goals for 2015?Happy New Year!... continue reading


Today I want to share a small quote that I just read in internet, and it is quite good to not share it. I couldn't find who it belongs to...EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT STARTS WITH THE DECISION TO TRY. continue reading

Merging Interests to Accomplish More - Zucchini Muffins Recipe

So, the other week my parents were coming up to visit and I really needed to get the house a little cleaner, bake some muffins, make some ice tea, etc. Basically I needed to organize some things, and generally run around spastically, doing random frantic things in the usual attempt to try to fool my parents into believing I am a lot less disorganized than I actually am. In all this hub-bub, I realized there wouldn't be much time for a couple of days to play with my camera, do much experimenting, or... continue reading

2 in 1...Great week!

It seems it`s been a great week so far! Right now I`m in holiday so I just got to a computer and received two wonderful news!The first one is that I got accepted as an exclusive contributor, and I`m very proud of this and I really hope I`ll do better from now on! I wanna thanks DT for this one, and to all DT community! I think that if the community wouldn`t been so perfect here, I would never made this decision! So, thank you all for your support and company on this great site!The second good... continue reading

An Easter Project

I'm one of those people who seem to have intermittent OCD, which means that I get involved in things but easily get distracted before I finish and head onto the next "thing"!That makes me get way behind on some of my projects.Well, with a month to go until Easter, I managed to upload a few images.I know, that should have already been done...but as I stated....(I never finished my Christmas projects so I should get back onto those)Maybe if I didn't prefer to be outdoors taking photos, I could... continue reading

My Numbers

Okay, I have a few minutes so I will promote myself a bit.My little concept humanoid silhouette got me to 1700 images.It's been a smidgen (look it up Maigi and Dessie) over 2 years since I made the plunge and decided to see what was up with this idea of selling photos on line.Or as my family says, "Putting them on the internet."It has bought me some new lenses and made me use my brain cells in different ways.Some would say that just using my brain cells would be different...most times... continue reading

first level two photo

I was overjoyed this morning when I logged on and dicovered that one of my photos had sold making it my very first level two file. Each new accomplishment brings renewed enthusiasm. It may be trivial to some of the more experienced members here,but it made my day. continue reading

300th Image uploaded....

Just another among many milestones... My 300th image was approved on October 10, 2008.This was recently prolonged a bit as I disabled a few images, but worth the wait... (By the way - Yes, the player in white was carried off the field.)I have had to swallow my pride and not take the rejections personal.Reviewing my images with open eyes after reading the reviews I have been able to improve my acceptance ration and greatly reduce the number of rejections for Poor Lighting, Setup, Contrast or... continue reading

everything i want to accomplish

To continue on with the thought of the other that i know "who" i that i have given myself a "name".what do i want to accomplish with my artisticlife?i have a few ideas of what i would like to do someday.the things i would like to learn, grasp and master.i have some lofty dreamsinspired by some very clever and creative people.I would someday like to create vector images.i have seen what they can be, what can be accomplished, every time i look... continue reading

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