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Best Revenue from Websites

I have been creating and managing websites since years. They were mostly related to my own work or some for clients. The two websites that I was passionately working for over the years were The Official Michael Jackson Indian Fan Club - / and The Official Shammi Kapoor Fan Club - . I was also technically managing Shammi Kapoor's own website in where I never fiddled with the design to keep it his own. But Shammi Kapoor... continue reading

Stock or not Stock? that is the question...

As someone who has used stock photos in a past job, I can appreciate the creative photographs some photographers see when they capture an image.I always had something in mind when i was searching for stock photos, whether it was for a blog i wrote such as the following hyperlink or an article.The nose knows or does it While i no longer work for this company it does provide an idea of how some of the pictures we take may be used.In my opinion, signs are something that people look for to... continue reading

It Pays To Advertise

We recently experienced a second devastating earthquake here in my home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. I have taken photos of the damage caused to houses, streets and buildings and uploaded these to Dreamstime as Editorial images.I do not feel good about taking financial advantage from a bad situation however it is also important to share what has happened and to record the history of our city before all the historic buildings are demolished and gone for ever.After I uploaded my... continue reading

Poster Photography

I had an idea, it was to make photo that designers could use for poster it was very simple.All I needed was a few of my friends, theirs hands and clean blue sky :)) and at the end it look like this .... What do you think did I success? continue reading

Promotion petrol station

A new, small concept has been accepted yesterday, contains only three shots around a filling station. (I have more, but still not uploaded - have no enought time...)It was easy to see the subject there, but was a little bit difficult to remove all trademarks and logos...I hope they will be popular. :) continue reading

Stock model in bad situation

An important question came to my mind, and I'd like to know your opinion with it...what about those situations, when you find your personal model (your child, your friend, etc.) in an inconvenient place?I mean, you took a shot about your teen son in a dark room - and one day you got 20 dollars for the photo, you're happy - and then you see your picture in a drug advertisement, and your son seems like a narcotic junkie.So, what should be the next step in this case? How can you keep your photos... continue reading

Free image experiment

In the last couple weeks I have examined my portfolio and designated several images as free.They were all more than 1 year old, and had no downloads.I've been surprised at the result.For example, the image to the right had less than 50 views after having been in the portfolio more than a year.I designated it as FREE just today.As of this writing, it already has 10 uploads and 140 views.The Paestum image is one of several in my portfolio.I decided to make this one free because... continue reading

What Do People Want?

Does anyone want to buy my pictures?Well, then how about a van-No?A small house, maybe-Advertising works and helps us all.I'm in a service industry that can pick up in bad times since I fix furniture you already own andyou don't have to replace it.Just because times may slow doesn't mean people aren't still looking.Don't you ever go window shopping?You get a feel of what's out there and keep it in mind for the future or until you like something better.It's human nature to look... continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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