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Designing front covers with emotions - advise and contest entry

Hello everyone new on Dreamstime! I welcome you to the best stock footage site on earth! It is so much fun to work here and I will give out some tips along my journey of here it goes!There is a contest out on how to convey emotions through photography so I thought I would give out some advise for anyone new to stock footage, and enter this contest at the same time!They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and emotions can make you read that picture on impact and any subject that... continue reading

Aim to shoot for International markets- Advice for stock footage

Hi everyone! I'm back and ready to inspire you that are just starting out as stock photographers!I'm going to give you advise about over saturated pictures and how to stop rejections in over saturated markets!You must do a lot!.......( and I mean a lot! ) of research!Just because you don't live in the Napa valley, or Europe, doesn't mean you can't shoot a design for that area! My advise is to get creative with designing your pictures to appeal to many markets, and... continue reading

500 picture milestone! Celebrity Chef Front Cover advise

I am so excited to announce I finally reached 500 files on my gallery! The journey has been one of much devotion and all I have to say is if it was easy everyone would do it! This takes many hours of focus, determination, and discipline.The journey has started by taking allot of pictures! When I say allot ...I mean allot! I have now shot 10,000 pictures and now can actually start uploading constantly so my first 500 are finally up!To be a success on dreams time you must upload a... continue reading

If I were an editor...

Uploading photos, we have to remember that we do it for somebody. Cause any stock is like a great market where you sell and someone can buy images. So your idea should be clear to anybody - in Africa, Aisia, elswhere.So when uploading photos I imagine an editor of a magazine who needs some pictures. And having in mind that imaginary editor, I ask myself "If I had to pick pictures on some topic, what would be interesting for me?" continue reading

Advise to Food Photographers

I have downloaded 131 images, primarily soups and during my searches for specific soups I have noticed a couple of things that stop me from purchasing certain images.1. Think before you take the picture as many of the images are not realistic, even if they are very pleasing to the eye. As an example, don't put beef stock in a fine china soup bowl - stock is used as a base to prepare soups, gravies, and stews. Put it in a measuring cup, pot or glass jar.2. Before you garnish the heck out of... continue reading

How to create a set of similar photos

Hello to everybodyI need an information.One of the photos that I have uploaded have been refused beacuse I have uploade too many photos on the same subject or from the same series.And DT suggested me to create sets of similars (several shots included within the same image).But I don't know how can I do it. Somebody can help me or give me an advice?Thank for your adviceAndrea continue reading

Feedback on Portfolio

Hi Friends...It has been few months since I had asked this to anybody..I now have a little more than 160 photos online, and I would like to get a honest feedback on my portfolio. (few samples attached)Though I try to diverse in creating a portfolio, it would be great if you could help me in understanding what kind of images should we take.Does any of you have any heads up in terms of the type of images that are required, but are less available here at DT?I hope to receive honest... continue reading

Looking For Advise

GreetingsI am looking for advise from some of you old timers on this site.I joined DT last July and have gone exclusive, with 72 images on line and 10 sales.For stock, is it better to specialize in a few areas of subject matter or spread yourself out.My non-stock photography has always been rather eclectic but when I look at my uploads on DT it reminds me of the proverbial “dogs breakfast”!And thank you for all the warm welcomes!CheersKenMy veggie friend here says "hello" continue reading

Exclusive or Not?

I'm at 40 images online and I am just wondering Should I go exclusive at Dreamstime once I cross the 50 images mark???The only thing that is pulling me back is that even after 3 months I am yet to get a sale here, so whether going exclusive is the right decision? If I do, is it something that can be canceled at a later stage of time? You can see the kind of subjects that I can shoot from the images in this post.I am also new to the field of stock photography. So I haven't tried any major agency... continue reading

My first two months on DT

After my first two months as a DT contributor, here are some of my thoughts and experiences.Consider the pictures you upload. Really! It’s too bad having a picture rejected due to noise, poor composition, blur or other obvious things. You might have been told you are your own worst critic. Not on DT, the review people and potential buyers will be a lot harder on your pictures ☺Look at what sells. Search DT for different keywords, sort the results by downloads descending, and look at the... continue reading

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