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How and where to find suitable models for stock photography

Of course, as soon as you want to do stock photos with people, you also need suitable people or photo models for it. They need to be able to bring their desired role as authentically and naturally as possible. For an inexperienced stock photo or photo producer, this can be a real challenge. Therefore, I would like to show here today the possibilities, where and how to find suitable models for stock photography. 1. Private environmentIf you have suitable people in the private sphere that could be considered... continue reading

Consistently send photos to stock photo agencies

For the purposes of sending stock photo agency is not easy.Even then we should have a fairly high self consistency. because if not, just in a matter of a few months, you will stop. We do not need to be anxious if you want to send a photo to an agent if just a hobby.Shoot anything you like. and submit it. unless you are a professional in this field, is in need of photos are more than just documentation of your trip, but the point is, whatever picture and like. then try to send to the agent.... continue reading

Contributors shape the market!

I'm writing this blog because I believe there is wave of strange behavior from some contributors that is affecting the Microstocks Market in a way or another.This concerns everyone, but specially non exclusive photographers or those who might think of being non exclusives in the future.Now a days with the crises, we see many agencies showing up, some under strange names, wanting a share in the microstock photography market, & mostly they are agencies with no future, they just play hit & run... continue reading

What I learned selling stock images online

I've been selling stock images online for about a year and a half now.I started out as a complete novice and have grown to the point that I consider myself somewhat of a pro.But I'm always learning and improving!The learning curve in selling stock online is steep and success is directly related to effort.The cycle of uploading, getting images accepted or rejected, and selling images is an important feedback loop that allows one to learn at his own rate and is based on the level of effort... continue reading

Microstockr - iPhone app for contributors

Microstock photography made easy!Microstockr is an iPhone app for that helps you to track sales on major microstock photography websites. It displays current balance for each agency and a list of latest downloads for photos submitted.www.microstockr.com continue reading

Model release form for all agencies

Yuri has had an excellent model release form available on his site for a while now.However, when I tried to use it towards the end of last year there were some problems and DT and another agency rejected the form.I've updated this MR form and reposted it as a download on my blog here. (I'd just repost the blog from my site here, but it mentions other agencies and would probably not be acceptable.)If there is anything wrong with this new version that agencies don't like, please let me... continue reading

Why The Stock Agencies doesn't participate to TinEye program?

Image owners want to establish authorship of their work and also know where their images are used.I was wondering why the stock agencies micro or macro doesn't participate to TinEye program submitting all their collections? The things would be easier for everybody and we could control better our images...The agencies can verify better if the contributors respect the exclusivities or not, everything would be easier.Tin Eye launched this request but I don't think there are many agencies participating... continue reading

being exclusive

Let's talk some about it today,being exclusive on Dreamstime or another agency,is it really worth?First of all I should say I haven't the experience to say yes or no,but have taken a look to some blogs lately and lots of people were on the same track.What I learnt by reading those blogs is that it depends on you,your needs,what you expect from this world "the stock one".If you're someone who just uploads few pictures in a month,then you should become exclusive with an... continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Give Up and Quit Stock

Reason One: Competition. DreamsTime is saturated with images and the deluge of new images covering the same topics continues to keep coming in. Multiply that over all the other stock agencies and there is little chance for your images to sell. At least often enough to make it worthwhile.Reason Two: Even if you produce top-notch stuff, the ever-growing and saturated database is going to prevent you from being discovered. Great keywording isn't going to matter. It would be considered fantastic placement... continue reading

Doing research is harder than I thought

Before starting in microstock I have read it a couple of times -- "do your research, man".Sounds quite easy.Just find those things, customers currently are interested in, think about your project, create images, get them online and sell them, right?The main problem is not finding the projects (or having ideas), creating images or getting them online -- even not to match them with customers interests at all.The main problem is, finding the customers needs for each agency individually.... continue reading

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