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How to Sell Stock Images

So you want to sell your photographs for Stock. Maybe you are a professional photographer looking for that additional revenue stream, or maybe you are just an avid shutterbug who wants to generate a little cash on the side. Regardless of where you are starting from, selling images for Stock can be rewarding in so many ways. Stock Photography sits at that sweet spot where the explosion of digital cameras adoption has met the growing demand for high quality images from more and more of the masses. And... continue reading

A Dreamstime Christmas Tale

Twas the night before dreamstime, as I clutched at my mouse,My images were all sorted, the time’d come to pounce.The keywords were entered with such loving care,In hopes that the buyers soon would be there.        When suddenly my smartphone started with a clatter,I opened the app to see what was the matter.And what to my curious eyes did appear?One image approved, on the screen, it’s right there.Now Dudau, Now Francy, Now Nikitu and BCritchley,Review all my images... continue reading

About copyright...

Hello everyone,today the search of images on the internet and expecially through the most common search platforms is affecting photographers' copyright... many people download and use illegally pictures found on the net. But it's a real problem? Yes it is, because it is copyright infringment.Red wrote a good article about FINDING THE RIGHT PHOTO.I want to tell you more about Copyright and its technical notes.  Each photographer invest a lot of energy, money and time to shoot professionally... continue reading

A case for exclusivity

I read this on a stock photography forum and I think is good to share. So:"I read a quote in the book "The 4-Hour Work Week" that I think summarizes our situation quite well...talking about why not to sell product through many distributors.."It works like this: Reseller A sells the product for your recommended advertised price of $50, then reseller B sells it for $45 to compete with A, and then C sells it for $40 to compete with A and B .In no time at all, no one is making profit from... continue reading

Blogger goes ape over agency “extortion” letter

Copywriting expert and blogger, Ryan Healy has posted about what he feels are extortionary tactics used by a traditional stock agency to claim damages from images used on websites unlawfully.As a copywriting professional, Healy paints a compelling picture of how he used a RM stock image unlawfully by mistake, why he feels he has been treated unfairly by the agency and why he further feels the agency is charging too much to settle the matter.In the comments section of his blog, I tried to play... continue reading

Seriously, how is Dreamstime's situation?

I've been asking myself this for a few months. Since April things started goind really bad here, but anyway I've never had great numbers on Dreamstime.I'm writing this beacuse I realized that today, in 24 hours, on another agency (a good agency, not a crappy one) I've had more sales than on DT in two MONTHS.One day vs two months. Is it all right for you? Not for me.I think there's something really wrong. Even low tiers perform much better in terms of sales than DT for me.If Dreamstime... continue reading

Pinterest - The Cross Agency Lightbox?

There's been a lot of discussion about Pinterest lately here on the DT blogs and forums.Some feel its a great social networking promotion tool while others think its the spawn of the devil and yet another example of rampant copyright infringement on the Internet.Others simply don't know what to make of it yet.Personally I'm kind of on the fence about Pinterest.When I first checked out Pinterest I thought - whoa boy this site is just full of copyright infringements.Unwatermarked images... continue reading

Microstock Advertising

When my local Borders bookstore had its going out of business sale, I snatched up a bunch of Photoshop magazines.Some of these magazines are imported and typically cost $15 or more but at 50% off they were too good to pass up.Inside a few of the magazines were a few ads for microstock agencies.What I found disappointing was that the main message of the ads seemed to focus on low, low prices.Seems like most microstock agencies or at least their advertising department seem to think that... continue reading


Today marks something of a milestone for me inasmuch as Dreamstime has accepted and put online my 2,500th image.While it has taken a while to accrue this many online photos Iconsider it a major achievement which just goes to show thatperseverence is important and pays off.Here's to the next2,500 images at DT, most decidedly one of the bestmicrostock agencies there is!!! continue reading

Invitation from another stock agency

I just received an email from an international stock agency inviting me to represent my images. I was wondering if this has happened to you too, and also I'm writing this here to let DT know about this, just in the case there is something to be taken care of (I have to say that I'm exclusive with DT).I removed part of the original message with XXXXX so this doesn't become a commercial for this other stock agency... This is the message I received:"Dear SirHope u are well.My name... continue reading

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