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Perhaps It's a Milestone to Me

Since I joined and became a exclusive photographer for Dreamstime, I have more and more surprise and achievement in my work. No matter what kind of different cultural, nation and history, we all are showing ourselves.  Recently, I analyzed the information and data of my account briefly. I found some interesting conclusion about it. Perhaps this is a milestone to me. Because there are 1960 images online and 265 sales now.  The first, I have plenty of natural scenery pictures which are... continue reading


I'm creating a collection of images of the gemologist at work.The gemologist, gems, pearls and precious stones.These factors Gemologists study while valuing or appraising cut and polished gemstones. Gemological microscopic study of the internal structure is used to determine whether a gem is synthetic or natural by revealing natural fluid inclusions, and included partially melted exogenous crystals to demonstrate evidence of heat treatment to enhance color.Binocular microscopeHydrostatic... continue reading

How to make model assessment better

There would be a great feature to have in DT management area - seeing total earnings per model. For example, we have "Photos with this model", and we could have also "Earnings with this model". Looks like a great tool to analyse which of your models are most valuable and wanted. Though, it wouldn't be accurate, as it's aften more than one model on your images, but it's representative anyway. What do you think, friends? continue reading

Earnings Analysis - Which photos have the most potential

Remember back in high school when the seniors voted for most popular and most likely to succeed?Where are they now right?The most popular has been married four times and the most likely to succeed works at the supermarket bagging groceries.But that nerdy kid everyone picked on started his own Internet company and is married to a supermodel.You never can tell what the future may bring.Looking at my earning recently I was struck by how little my most popular image has made.This background... continue reading

Six Years Microstocking

Three years ago, I was posting "3 Years Microstocking" by discussing about the changing market of (micro)stock photography. Have there been significant changes ever since?The end of year is often an excellent time to look back and think about what has happened, this time, in the still rapidly growing area, micro stock photography.When the big picture was extremely busy and crowded three years ago, it is somewhat clearer today in terms of who is still in the market; but, it might be not... continue reading

Neirfy, winner of the musical contest, portfolio analysis

Neirfy, won our musical contest so now it is time for her prize to take form.We’re sitting at the imaginary round table, us Dreamstime Editors, our eyes transfixed on computer screens displaying an user portfolio.“- This is not an easy task”, one of us comments.Of course, it is never an easy task to asses someones work, be fair, critique the mistakes without being mean but also highlight the good parts without sounding pompous. Besides, we have never done such an in-depth analysis... continue reading

What do you think?

I am not very sure whether this is the right forum to ask this... But I am sorry... I couldn't control my eagerness.I now have a portfolio of 100+ images.I should tell that this had been really difficult for sure, but the bright side is I am planning to do it further..My question is.. from your perspective, how do you feel about my portfolio?Kindly shoot in all your criticism : Positive, Negative, Neutral.. All are welcome. continue reading

Thoughts on exclusivity

I hear groans and complaints "Yet another one of those."It seems like every month there is a new post in the discussion board or on the blogs about the pros and cons of going exclusive.Never one to keep my big mouth zipped up, I thought I would share a few morsels of my own grey matter on the subject.I joined DT about 4 years ago as a complete novice, both in terms of photography and especially in terms of the microstock industry.And at the first opportunity I went exclusive.Once I had... continue reading

Analysis of two months on Dreamtime

I celebrate my two month anniversary of having images accepted on Dreamtime this Thursday.I joined DT Feb. 18, 2010 and my first series of images were accepted Feb 23, 2010.I am writing this blog not for praise (although that is always nice) but to show what can be accomplished in two months and to illustrate the images that have sold.As of today, I have 493 images accepted by DT, my acceptance rate is 85% and I have an additional 28 images pending.To date, I have sold 72 images at an... continue reading

N/A sales & collections

Following a thread by Dan1, I had an interesting discussion with Mani33 on the correlation between N/A sales and collections.Here are some statistics that may interest you. About 33% of my sales show as N/A sales.This means that the buyer did not access my image through a specific keyword but found it through another way. This could be by browsing through a collection or directly looking at my portfolio; accessing my photo previously saved in his/her light box; seeing my photo on a promotion... continue reading

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