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Botanic Gardens - Swan

White swans are common, but have you seen black ones? I took a stroll at Singapore Botanic Gardens and was surprise to see black swans.Even black swans are uncommon @ Dreamstime ;) continue reading

Animals And Pets

I have made some cards of animals and pets they sell very well. I also have sold some to companies that use them in children's books. continue reading

Favorite subject of my husband

The tiger is a mammal, the largest of four ‘big cats’ Lines, Tigers, Jaguars and Leopards, lives in eastern and southern Asia, reaching up to four meters long and weighing also a lot. The most recognizable feature is his pattern fur dark vertical strips on orange and white.Big, majestic, dangerous and beautiful wild animal is a symbol of power, life energy and dignity. That’s what my husband says and that is why he loved them so much. There are same more examples of what my Andrzej is loved... continue reading

to cow or not to cow

walking through the forest, i saw a field with a fews cows, luckily i had my camera with me, so i took a few pictures.see my portfolioThey looked like a happy family continue reading

In seabed

In seabed, we can find the feral shark, the gentler dolphin, the acaleph with various pose. Actually we can find many other strange halobios ... But the most important is that we can take many nice photos in there.The colorful underwater world:The rhythm of the acaleph: continue reading

Animal copy

The only thing I like better than watching animals in the wild is being able to capture them in a photo.We have been observing animals for as long as we have been on earth.The observation of wild animals is not only a thing of beauty but also a tool for survival. Even today we have to be careful because there are indeed animals that can hurt or kill us under the right circumstances.As we observed them we also learned from them.There is as much a reason that birds fly in a vee pattern... continue reading

Going on animal tour 2

Today I choose the dog, how surprisingI choose 3 pictures , just randomly.This reminds of the movie 101 dalmations. they are so cute, even if they grow up, they have a high cuties leveldogs are the reflection of the caracter of the boss, in my opinion.this one is so cute , at least I think its cute :)and afcourse my own dog, a little jack russel but not with all the caracters of a jack russel, this one is real quiet, the only time he acts like a macho is when he is on leache and he... continue reading

Going on animal tour I

searching through the database you see a lot of animal picturesFirst animal I looked for were the catsSearching for cats gives a lot of results, I choose for part I 3 photos from cats but just the faces and an expressive look on the facehere are my 3 cats for today continue reading

Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 14

Splendid composition and timing for this photo from a guy specialized in animals images (look at his portfolio). To catch the right moment to photograph such fierce lion expression need surely a lot of patience and ability. I admire it. continue reading

Nicemonkey - and his fellow zoo friends

How did you come about your name?Mine is quite and straight forward one - Nicemonkey comes from my daughter, I have always called her monkey....when I was trying to come up with a name she suggested adding the nice bit to the front and thus Nicemonkey was born.Whats your story? continue reading

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