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Two years with Dreamstime

This month marks two years of my cooperation with Dreamstime.In my portfolio is now 450 photos, 16 sales.So some analysis and photos. More sales of all pictures are flowers - 9 photos, including spring nature. In second place are animals, and to my surprise, cat pictures, 3 of 4 sales) And in the third place travel photos, my home city and the coast - 3 sales. Another feature of all sold photos - almost half are exclusive - 6 of 16.I now have about 90 exclusive photos and... continue reading

A Clever Hans

Here is a horse who lives with his friends in a neighborhood. I would call him a clever horse Hans. Why?He cannot do arithmetic or talk in a human voice, but his clever gaze or his manner to come to greet me makes his actions in a way very humane.At these moments I talk to him and a strange feeling comes that he can understand me! So let be his name Hans!   In a history of science, a horse named Hans is known for a remarkable capabilities including arithmetic or language skills. Well,... continue reading

Wow, Level 5!

Hello! I want to share with you a photo that was held on a competitive basis, and it was granted Level 5. I wish you all good luck :)  continue reading

Assignment Lion

   This my new Assignement Picture, hope to make it better each time. It is hard to get into the assignment, but from that point to win it :=) I don't know... It seems so unreachable. But who knows... if it's not this one, maybe antother one to come. We are learning by doing, isn't it?The voting is open ...Please, vote for your favorite pictures and good luck to all the participant.Thanks in advance for your votes :)To vote pleaseClick HereAnd to promote... it is important..... continue reading

My lovely pets or cat story

My family and I are very fond of animals and now in our house quite harmoniously coexist dog and cat. The cat appeared in our home about a year ago, we took a very small kitten. And we started to notice sometimes that the cat learned a lot from our adult Shepherd. Early in the morning the cat comes to say hello and lick my cheek, and in the evenings he often lies at the door, guarding the house) We live near the forest and often go there for a walk with the dog at any time of the year. Our... continue reading

The Portrait of the Animal

Here I want to share some simple pictures of animals on black background. I do like it, because its focus is on a part of figure isolated from natural background. Though the animal is isolated from its natural surroundings whether it be a park, a zoo or a forest, these pictures somehow look “alive”. When I first saw that bison looking sideways and passing away from my vision field, I felt a bit disappointed that no worth pictures have made. However, being at home and checking the photos, his sad... continue reading

Cat Maya

From book: Rosel, Alex - Cute Cats From Around The World(Kindle Locations 632-637). Kindle EditionMaya from Southern Kosovo owner and photographs by Admir IdriziAdmir Idrizi Aljabak lives in a small village in Southern Kosovo where many feral cats live in the surrounding area. Most of these semi-tame cats depend on the local people during the colder winter months for food and shelter.  During the winter, five years ago, Admir noticed that a young kitten had taken up lodgings in... continue reading

Cat resting

cat is resting after the hunt.  cat willingly posing for me resting after a heavy night hunting continue reading

Summer spirit, dog story

One of my new photos has been approved for Assignment Summer Spirit and I'm happy) Short story about this image, it's not my dog, but my true friend.My daughter and I even thought a name - Spot for funny spots on his body.The first time we saw the puppy in early spring, in the yard, not far from our house.We walked with our large shepherd dog and stopped to explore.Next time, we decided to take a little friend for a walk in the woods.Dogs ran, played enough and lay down to rest, so... continue reading

Let's go to the zoo

   Zoo in Novosibirsk - one of the biggest sights of Siberian region. It has not only "traditional" animals (like lions, predatory birds, swimming birds, white bears) but also seaquarium. And squirrels, ground-squirrel walking free, in summer - the most dangerous vulture - mosquitos                                           continue reading

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