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A cat from a book

 As a child I had a book with russian fairy tales. And in that book was a picture showing a witch's black cat sitting on a stub in the forest. So how could one miss such a chance - to make a 'fairy tale' picture continue reading

Hunters with wings

Among all bird-groups, Raptors or Birds of Prey are the ones who attract the attention of many bird-lovers as well as the songbirds of course which are well-known to most people from our gardens.Raptors are specialised in hunting other birds, mammals, reptiles and even fishes. Evolution has prepared them for this task with sharp claws which close around the body of their victims with an impressive power as well as with hooked beaks which are used to kill and cut the prey. While some species as... continue reading

The Greylag Goose

The Greylag Goose (Anser anser) is the european wild form of our domestic goose. This is an extremely intelligent, social bird which has played an important role in the relation of man and domestic animals. Everybody will remember the wonderful story (hundred per cent true or not) of the sacred geese of the roman temple which warned the sleeping roman soldiers of the approaching barbarian troops.I have kept domestic geese myself and I have to confirm that they are vigilant, alert animals which... continue reading

The Chiffchaff

The Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) is one of our most well-known warblers and it belongs to the Leaf warbler group. According to the Wikipedia distribution map, in the Iberian Peninsula it only occurs during wintertime but I can't confirm this point as I have made photos of them during the whole year, having said this it is also true that we have the Iberian Chiffchaff which can easily be confused with the Common one, only the song is clearly different.Together with the following pic of a... continue reading

Why People Love Bird Watching?

 In a photographer’s world birds will surely have a nice place of their own as that’s the connection between. But interesting thing is that bird watching is just about the most well-known hobbies in the world too. I would like to share something about bird watching as a general thing among the people. In the United States and European Union alone, you can find thousands of groups focused to bird watching, which range from small, laid-back gatherings of friends, to large organizations that maintain... continue reading

Merry Christmas from Forest Animals

Hi,we are small and big animals from Forest.We are squirrels, deer, birds, butterflies ...Merry Christmas Human Beings !Thank you for Protecting Earth and Save Our Friends.     continue reading

Our favorite pets or International Domestic Animal’s Day

November 30 is the date ofinternational holiday dedicated to all domestic animals, and at the first place are of course our lovely dogs and cats. In Russia World Pet Day celebrated since 2000, in our city at that day holds exhibitions of cats and dogs and action assistance for animals living in shelters. The festival also involved animals from shelters and some of them find here new true friends and real home. I wish all your pets to be healthy and have many happy years of life, and... continue reading

200 image online

Its been some time and I have achieved for me this big number! Two sales and two image in the competition! I love nature,animals, architecture old, and its mostly my portfolio.Old architecture always admire. Think of how many hundredyears ago should people patience, skill, work will, to make such a beautiful building with no techniqe that we have today. I think we are in the same situation. And we build everyone your building in Dreamstime. And we need a lot of patience, hard work and love for the... continue reading

Next Milestone

Hello everyone!Well my first couple of milestones have been accomplished. 5 sales! 100 image uploads! and finally first image accepted to an assignment!While all of these are great I'm working towards expanding my portfolio and shooting concepts out of my comfort zone and that involve people! As an introvert this is a feat in itself!  First assignment image accepted for colours. Fist Image SaleI have had many questions about how I capture the images in my portfolio. Patience... continue reading

My First Uploads With Dreamstime

My New UploadsHi everyone! I am happy to be a part of the Dreamstime family. I look forward to sharing photos with all of you.I would like to show you a few of my uploads.     continue reading

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