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New model before lens

Hey, do you remember my old post that I hate to take pictures about my family and friends? Well, now we have a new guy - only since 3 weeks, but he's in my heart...let me introduce Poppy ('Mák', in Hungarian), a 10-weeks-old male kitten, probably newest star of my portfolio! :)If someone is interested for details; he's a half Maine Coon, his mother's name is Cinnamon and she is a beautiful, patient cat (father is an unknown carpet-bagger)! I've found him on a Hungarian bidding site (similar... continue reading

300 UP!

Hi.Today I reached another milestone i.e. 300 pics accepted onto DT.I have another 27 to get approved so this will help me on my way to the next 300.The uploads being done now are all of our June trip into the Kalahari and I have some beautiful shots to share.Below are a few of what is to come.The rest are in my portfolio. continue reading

Rare Buffalo

I made a trip these days to a buffalo reservation from Romania!This kind of animal are an endangered species all around the world. At this reservation are only five buffalo. And there is only one calf, who has one year old.This are some great animals and almost no one is doing nothing to preserve them and keep them in our forest! It`s a sad story!Here are some samples of what I got to shoot! They where kind of joyful that day, so I couldn`t get to many good photos!Hope you`ll like them!... continue reading

Mico again

Mico, my son was on the stage again and it was really fun to capture his photos with different concepts.I paid his wage with gravy bones :) continue reading

my new creation-cute panda

Do you miss the panda named taishan mountain?i wrote a cute panda which is my new creation,has rosy cheek. continue reading

My best selling Photo

When I shot this photo, conditions were quite poor. Light was low, it even started to rain. The deer is in an enclosure. Luckily there is no fence in the photo. I have an old but very decent Nikon Zoom (80 ... 200 mm, 2.8 the whole range, but without VR) which I used at a focal length of 200 mm and an aperture of 2.8. My arms rested on top of the fence just to avoid any move of the camera (I had no tripod with me). My body height (1.80 m) was barely enough for the height of the fence, I had to stay... continue reading

The Street Cat-Beggar

I was having lunch with my family at a small town restaurant when I sawseveral street cats begging for food. One of them was successful in procuring ahalf-eaten piece of fried fish. I had my D60 on hand so I thought, I took somepics of stray dogs... how about street cats going about their daily life? It'sbasically the same as taking pics of people in the street - minus having to askfor permission (or model release). This street cat-beggar was more thancooperative, it basically gave me... continue reading

Close to the Animals

I like animals & also quite fond of take pictures of them. Actually, animals in the nature, they are quite different from each other, however, like human beings, each of them has its special & only when you come close to them, you will more understand them, knowing their habit, what they request and even their sort of communication. Each time when I’m in the harmony environment with so many cute friends surrounding, I feel more necessary & importance to well protect nature, to treat friendly to... continue reading

World Animal Day - for me 365 days a year

A lot of people are talking about how to make more profit at DT, how to generate more sales, how to make a living out of stock photography, etc. Just like in the daily world.But there is more to life than just money...........Today is World Animal Day. Most people will celebrate this day by buying treats or presents for their pet animals. And give more attention to their pet on this specific day. A strange ritual.....cause why not give a pet 365 days a year what he deserves?Already for... continue reading


Boy was I excited when I came across one of my pictures today in a broshure for coping with the loss of your pet!! I always wonder where my pictures go when they are purchased and now I know! I am so excited!! They even put my name at the bottom of the page. There are many other pictures in this broshure from other dreamstime members. So check it out and see if yours isthere!link here continue reading

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