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Jpeg 8 or 16 bit?

Hello to all! I ask you a very simple but very useful information, do you think you can send the Jpeg 16-bit instead of 8 bit? The quality would be much higher! Thank you for your answers! continue reading

Question of Creative Exposure

Recently one of my workshop attendees reguritated an often overused and frequently misunderstood cliché “See the light shoot the light”Many photographers both professional and hobbyist alike have been led to believe that this quote means that the light is everything in photography. That it is in fact the end all be all. While it is true that without light there is no way for us to record the image the light is truly only one side of the coin. The flip side of that coin is exposure or more... continue reading

Free Images Q&A

Many questions & opinions are going around the fact that there is a Free Section on DT & the fact that photographers are not paid any minimum cents by giving for free...!I wanted to answer the question made in a recent blog & I found my self over writing! So in order not to give incomplete answer, I'm writing you this...Q WHY THERE ARE FREE IMAGES?A Marketing strategy, competing with the other establishments in the same field. When the offer is high & the demand is low, some measures has... continue reading

All about Assignments

Participating in the (more or less) monthly assignments on DT is great fun, and challenges you to go beyond your regular photography. It is rewarding in several ways:- your accepted images are escalated to level 5 at once, wich will not only increase the price, but also results in a better search placement. It will receive 100 artificial downloads at once, although unfortunatly, you do not receive any money for those 100 downloads ;)- participating will result in extra exposure for your picture... continue reading

Why... Classic Kids Questions

Have you ever wondered, how many questions fits into the 5 year old's head?Why don't all the fish die when lightning hits the sea?Why is the sky blue?Why is the grass green?Why can't people leave other people alone?Why are birds not electrocuted when they land on electricity wires?Why is the Moon sometimes out in the day and sometimes at night?Why do cats have whiskers?Why is a banana curved?Why do I need to wash my hands?Why does my best friend have two dads?Why do zebras have stripes?Why can't... continue reading

Inviting Constructive Criticism And Answers

Although I am not new to photography I am new to putting my images online for an attempt to sell them. I have no problem with my images being refused by DT, in fact I've learned a great deal about what DT looks for in an image for it to be a candidate for their stock photo database. Two of the reasons DT uses the most when refusing one of my images are " Lack Of Composition " and " Your Image Is Too Specific " and I must admit that I'm not sure what these two reason mean. If anybody could offer me... continue reading


I have a question for everyone who has the answer.What is a "Lightboxe"?How does it work?What shall I do with it?Please help me? continue reading

Young photographers

Some people used to be a good photographers, but other people makes only the first steps in this employment.... "Young photographers" who are they?" what should to know young Photomaster before start work? continue reading

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