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Working on concepts...

The start of 2012 has proved a difficult year for inspiration for me and have not really been sure what to photograph so my monthly growth has slipped from 30 or 40 imges a month down to just 4 or 5 at the moment...Not exactly a stellar start to the year, I am determined this year to concentrate on images that have a strong conceptual use and try a few different things, rather than simply taking photographs that meet the technical requirements of DT.These are amongst my first 2 attempts at a strong... continue reading

Busy but rewarding month!

It has been a busy end to the month here with us having visitors for the last 10 days or so but I wrote back on the 19th that I had reached a couple of milestones over that weekend and made oth my 300th upload and 50th sale :)This weekend I will mainly be settling down for a cold one and reflect on what I have learned this month before trying to improve for next month.Having people here meant that my photographs this monthe have been a little looser in terms of there preparation.With many... continue reading

Getting Creative back

Some people have a natural talent, and some have to work hard to achieve results.Not just in photography........Example: When I was young, my 3 older sisters and I all had piano lessons. We played all that was taught to us, we played reasonably well, and that was as far as it went. My younger brother eventually took the same piano lessons, and he would come home and practice, "Not what he had learnt", but what he FELT. He would go off into his own little world & create his own style of music.... continue reading

New approach to figurines

So just came up with this idea for a figurine out of the blue.Had a role of copper wire lying around and this little guy was made with one long strand wrapped around a bottle a few times and then wrapped some more.              continue reading

Microstock Photography – A new Approach to ensure success?

For the past four or five years that I’ve been submitting to the Microstock Photography market I had always said it was a numbers game. Therefore the more images that you uploaded to the libraries or agencies the more downloads you would get resulting in higher earnings.But I feel that over the past year that has changed. You now, more than ever need to target a niche. And then dominate that niche. You see the wherever you look on the internet the picture quality has increased. This is just... continue reading

An Approach for Building Your Portfolio

It's one thing to sit down and think of ideas to submit for stock, but I see a lot of people taking the same approach as I do: We mainly shoot what we know. Specifically, we work within our comfort level and skillset. I don't have a studio nor do I have access to models so I generally revert to do the same types of images. Keeping your portfolio growing is a challenge if you're going to continue in the same rut.I can do studio-type shots but it's a pain to try; I don't have backdrops, I don't... continue reading

02 - Discovering stock photography

As you upload, you start wondering what are the stock rules about? What is quality for reviewers when they often reject quality for other reasons? Over time, I learned to respect their decisions, and to treat rejections as natural. As soon as I started thinking about a rejection as of a "We've seen you do better than that! Do that good stuff you do again" and not as of a "You suck" phrase, I started enjoying this struggle more. It's all about making an effort, like with everything else in life.... continue reading

Different approach at stock photography

When my wife noticed that Dreamstime agency, where I was selling images taken with my Canon powershot (yes, my first 20-30 images accepted were taken with a point and shoot! After that, only Nikon reflex) she decided to take part in the game too.Not for the money, just for idea that her images could be seen all around the world (and maybe also bought). That was for her something worth to experience. For myself the input was the idea to try to make a living out of it (selling stock photo), for... continue reading

How to take panoramic photos (technical approach part.1)

When you wake up from a sound sleep and you walk dizzily towards the window hoping that the light and the vividness of the street will animate you, the first reflex is to watch panoramically. The habit of your conscious requires this thing as a necessary evil. The panoramic look and the mechanical twist of the neck produce a soothing effect through the physical internal press puncture as well as the self re-awareness and re-awakening process in the familiar space. This fact is certainly well-known... continue reading

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