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Searching the perfect balance of our lifestyle

The problems and the stress = bad humor.A flower and a child = happiness. Two states of mind.The contrasts of our daily lifestyle in search of balance... continue reading

My first 300 $!!

Even if after a long time, my earnings balance passed my first 300 $! This is the image of this step.Thanks to everybody that has downloaded my images. I hope my earnings will grow up. continue reading

My First $100

I am really happy to announce today that I reached my first $100 in DT earnings balance.It took 7 months and 58 sales to achieve this milestone, but I'm really thrilled hoping this is only a start...The only plan presently is to use whatever I earn from DT is to use on supporting photography as a hobby by buying better gear.The image that took me to this achievement is- 2 sales of the same image did the job... continue reading

white balance what ?!?!

hi my friends, what's up?I'm going to tell you a simple trick to improve the color balance of your images without post-production, it's a simple thing I want to share for beginners like me.Sometimes looking at my pictures I keen eye that white objects aren't really white, many times my backgrounds turn to cyan instead of white.this is one of the first image I've uploadedIt's all about the "color temperature" of a light source, which refers to the warmth or coolness of your picture.... continue reading

Balancing The World

For years I had a job where at any given time, usually early in the morning, the phone would ring with some disaster that had to be fixed RIGHT THEN or either people would suffer, or great financial loss would occur, or both.It was hugely stressful, and exciting, and scary, and frustrating and I was important. On a moments notice my travel bag and I could be off to Washington D.C. to meet with the very top people in the land.Then one day the owner lost his mind, quit paying people, the shareholders... continue reading

400 dollars

400 dollars milestone reached last week thanks this imagesThanksFabio continue reading

Interesting balance

I open DT to check my earnings today.I find a funny digit.89.89$just equal each other.In chinese it is a luky number(8,9).like to say:soon,soon! continue reading

Keeping Work-At-Home Life Balanced

FEATURED ARTICLEFrom The Newsletter for WAHM-preneursThree Key Elements to Balancing Work-At-Home LifeEXCERPT#3 Loving Your Spouse Is Your #1 Priority.The third key element is regarding marriage: I’ve heard many people say this, and I agree, that loving your spouse is the greatest gift you can give to your children. Allow your kids to see a flourishing happy (not perfect, but continuously growing) and loving marriage. This will help them feel more secure and stable as they mature... continue reading

My 1st 100

Glad that my earning balance break 100!I know, it takes longer than others, but still feeling happy!Do learn a lot in Dreamstime and my skill set improved. I here to say Thank you!I'm look forward to having another 100. continue reading

Industry Standards

After I started to work as a free contributor, I have experienced that there are no Industry Standards in micro stock business.Some agencies accepts images which others never approve. More interesting, the best and most selling images of your portfolio might be rejected due to inconsistent reasons in some agencies.One agency , which wants me to use their own model release form , has rejected all of my works due to that reason.But later they accepted one of myimages with the same model... continue reading

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