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Satisfactory Balance!

Hello everybody!I'm happy for my achievement on the assignments, even with the small portfolio I have...My first assignment participation was the e-commerce: Uploaded 2 accepted 1... 50% AR.Second Assignment Family elders and seniors: Uploaded & accepted 1... 100% AR.Third assignment Show us your best stock: Uploaded & accepted 1... 100% AR.Fourth assignment participation is the latest Spirituality & Religion: Uploaded... continue reading

What a nice number: $111.11

Now, my earning balance is $111.11What a coincidence! right?First time, I did not request the payment after $100. :)As we know now we cannot change the value of our payment, sojust see whether can wait for an integer.. then only request the payment. :) :) continue reading

Wow! What a feeling!

My earning balance increased when I was refreshing the page. when I clicked on the link to see what image has been sold, then I noticed the earning balance increased again.Wow! What a feeling!Earning moneyby clicking the mouse only.. :)For sure, this will not happen again!;) continue reading

march 2009- march 2010

Hi to everybodyIn march 2009I sold my first image on dreamstimeAfter one year, yesterday I sold my 200th picture!Sure, one year ago, when I started my adventure with DreamstimeI thought to sell more images andto earn more money... but I thought olso that every image could be uploaded and could be sold... Everybody told me I was a good photographer, my shootsbeautifuland that I should try to sell my pictures, so I tried...But I didn't keep in mind the commercial... continue reading

incorrect white balance values assigned??

HELP!I have an image that was rejected because of " incorrect white balance value assigned", what does this mean and how can I make sure 1. that I have the correct white balance assigned, and 2. how can I prevent this from happening in the future? I have seven days to resubmit the image with this correction made, not sure at all how to do it to get it right. can anyone help?Thanks in advance for your kindness, knowledge and support!Stan continue reading

Success in Balance

How many hats do you wear? Myself, I wear many. I am a wife, a sister, a student, a teacher, a friend. Somedays I leave home at 8:00 am and don't return until 11:00 pm. There are seminars, classes, workshops, and teaching presentations, at times my life is so full of commitments that I wonder if there will be any down time just for me.In a seminar I attended recently, the speaker talked about the importance of balance in our lives. We feel the tug and pull of work, family, school, and the many... continue reading

White balance on JPG files

I always shoot in RAW format, but i saw in one Forum a question "How i can correct my white balance in jpg files.So i decide to write here one quick WB correction method.1. First open the picture in PhotoShop , for this method i will use one of my pictures with white plate.2. In layers palette click on Create new fill or adjustment layer button and select Levels3. With right Eyedropper click on the plate (because it's white), probably the picture will gone overexposed, don'... continue reading

Microsoft Photo Editor got me approved

Have you ever had a photo rejected due to poor lighting or contrast issues?The phrase usually reads, "Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure."I have and I'm not really surprised either.Living on a budget, I am stuck working on cheap non calibrated monitors that are not very good for photo editing.So I don't always get the lighting, contrast, and exposure to a place where they are acceptable to DT.This week I had two photos rejected for that very reason.... continue reading

Hmmmm..... $100 again....

Hmmm.... make me feels so good... $100 added in my balance. Think that I can make in a month but not yet. Hope when i continue upload my image, i can make it for a month or a week :)Thanks DT I will clear it asap. While I'm waiting receipt in my paypal I will continue uploading my images. continue reading

Got it!

After waiting for 7 months, my earnings balance finally has reached to $100. Just want to share with you my happiness!Below are some of the images that make my dream come true:Let's pizza! My first level 3 image!The bible, the book of life. Thank God! My level 2 image..Castle and tulips garden, these two images spent me a lot of times to create..but worth it!Thanks for those who like my pictures.Cheers! continue reading

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