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This morning I was pleasantly surprised, my earnings balance increased dramatically..I have my first P-EL (print usage) sell.Here is the image with only 2 downloads: continue reading

Earning balance drop?

Since I joined DT, my earnings balance increasing for every month. However, it seemed to be decreasing for this month.However, still remain few days for this month, hope it will be catch up.. continue reading

Earnings balance reached $100 on father's day

Today is father's day and I am so happy because I received a gift that is my earnings balance reach to $100 today. I can request my first payment.Thanks every one who downloaded and used my images!Thanks Dreamstime, you are the best!and praise to God.. continue reading

Are you setting the custom white balance on your camera?

Are you using the custom white balance setting yet?If not, here are a few great videos on the importance and simplicityof setting the custom white balance on your camera.Many photographers set it several times throughout the dayto match the current lighting conditions,to take better pictures, without needing to correct the coloring later.Watch this great "Custom White Balance Tutorial Video"And "Youtube search: camera custom white balance" continue reading

New take on old idea: gray cards

I was recently reading a book that had to do with getting color right in the digital age and was surprised to find that gray cards come in different 'colors' of gray.The trusty Kodak gray card I'd had since the early nineties turns out to be neutral in terms of exposure, but was never intended to be used for white balancing a digital exposure.I did some searching and settled on a new 'digital' gray card and did some experiments.When using the new card to create a custom white balance setting... continue reading

Finally, 100 uploads!

I finally have reached 100 uploads! and 103 sales!However, still waiting the earning balance to reach $100. I hope end of June, I will receive my first payment, excited!Thanks Dreamstime! you make my life fruitful.. continue reading


Black and white photography seems to have something more to say to us then usual colored one. If this rose where red it would be like other roses lovely, sexy, calm, happy.To me black expose gave this rose some sadness meaning and little drops of water on petals seem like it is crying. Now this peace black rose is says about something sad and terrible that happened. Color seems changing everything in her expression.Black bench also says more about the sad feelings, it means something unhappy... continue reading


Love those photos with tigers as subjects. They have strong, clever power in them self.I found some really good shot of those special animals here. Maybe this summer me and my wife will go for a trip to Africa and went to safari it would be greet to see all those animals in wild nature not in zoo.Tigers for me are symbols of independence and individuality like no other creatures. They are predators, dangerous to others but seems to be wiser then a human, kill only for food, sometimes to defend... continue reading

How to screw up a good photo.

In my quest to increase my acceptance ratio, sales and number of photos I have in Dreamstime I have screwed up a few good photos.I always want that very pure white background with the perfect lighting. In doing so I thought I would learn to isolate them in photoshop.I of course am still learning this process so there are times I had a pretty good photo and kind of screwed it up by trying to isolate it.After a rejection I enlarged it up to 200 percent and sure enough some of the edges... continue reading

Just few thoughts about correct white balance ...

I have read many articles and reviews about white balance in photographs. It seems to me that the main point is that it is important to achieve colors so that white on photograps has to look like neutral white on sunny midday.And when lighting conditions are different, we should compensate this in our cameras or color tune photos later with photo editing software.My opinion is that this may be true partially. I believe this is true in portrait photography and when shooting in daylight conditions.... continue reading

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