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5 Bad Habits to Stop Now to Become a Better Photographer

There are two absolutes in photography – there will always be another piece of equipment you will want to buy, and you will always look for ways to improve your photography skills. While I can’t help with the first, there are a few bad habits to break that can immediately help with the latter.Take it out of Auto EverythingThe improvements in camera technology continues in leaps and bounds. And while the added functionality helps make it easier to create great images, it can also make us lazier... continue reading

Become exclusive user

Six year pass from the day join Dreamstime, from the hobby, I think about earn some money from my image, so I request Dreamstime to be an exclusive user.Today, I receive email from Dreamstime approve my request. And I'm very happy when I see my Earning increase from 21$ for 19 download to 46$. Surprise!!!!!Now, I have a reason to take more picture and upload to Dreamstime, waiting for the first 100$.Thanks Dreamstime!  continue reading

You Can Still Become A Good Contributor!

Well, as you all know that to become a well known contributor on any stock photography site around the net is like dream comes true for many of us here, but this is also an undeniable fact that without having good gadgets or equipments related to photography is simply impossible and one of those important equipments is Camera, yeah you heard me absolutely right.You don't really need to worry because you can still become a great contributor here on Dreamstime even if you don't own a camera.... continue reading

How you can become copyright free - learn the industries secrets

How many times did you get a rejection because you forgot to remove a license plate, an iPhone button or a tiny artwork on a wall behind you main subject?When shooting people, the protocol is simple (have a model release printed, make sure it's a good general MR or a Dreamstime one, have it completed by the model and signed, have a witness, check it again for all details and click submit).However, the ice becomes a lot thinner when it comes to objects, art and buildings. All photographers go... continue reading

150 online, it's time to become exclusive!

Here it is my first blog article to celebrate my 150 online photos!I spent over a year on DT, without blowing my pics on other stock agencies... and i was wandering: "why not to became an exclusive contributor?"So let's try! I hope it will represent an upgrade for my earnings, spuring me to upload more and better shots ;)Thanks Dreamstime!!! continue reading

One year results and how to become better

Let me share with you my first years results and how DT helps to become better.First months Acceptance ratio of my photos was very low (below 60%) and now I can see why :-). Of course there was luck of quality and stock orientation of refused images.DT helps me a lot to improve my quality as photographer by explaining refuse reasons. Thanks a lot!Today I can see how changed my skills in isolation . And I am happy to get my first 100 sales and the most of them were at last three months.... continue reading

Become exclusive of DT

Today's successful application to become exclusive.I spent a few days time to delete the other site's images.But found to my commission is not ideal.Not apply prior to the expected number!Want a good future sales revenue.I will try to upload pictures.The same as the stock continued to rise.Hope everyone to earn more dollars. continue reading

Actually Beginning to Become a Stocker of sorts...

Well i have had Dreasmtime now for about a year and in it I have learned a tremendous amount about photography and editing. I began by submitting whatever photos I thought looked appealing, I think as most of us do. After a round of continue reading

Waiting to become exclusive

I did it! I closed my accounts on three other sites. NOW I AM Waiting to become EXCLUSIVE. WOW, I think this is a good move for me. I sell more here, get better percent and I love the pricing for selling your rights. And the best thing about this site.YOU ARE ALL GREAT!!!!!!!HUGS DEBBIE continue reading

i want to be a pro

i don't how many professional photographer here in the DT. after browsing so many gifted photographer's web, i got a little bit depressed. they are wonderful, how can i be better?don't mention the talent and technic , the time is not permitted, for i got ajob now. how many others havethe same experience with me?my dream isto become a nature pro. nature is my favorite, living throgh the world changing from clean to polluted, fewer and fewer virginal places left, all i can do is to shoot... continue reading

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