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A tip on getting more exposure for beginners

I'm a new comer to this world. I started a year ago just curious to see if some people would like my pictures. As everybody, I didn't know which platform to choose. I tried 2 to see if they accepted my work. Both did.I devoted until now to the other platform to reach an objective of 500 images uploaded. Now I'm doing the same with Dreamstime.I have only sold 2 times in DS (I have over 80 sells in the other platform). The same image sold twice. This is a picture of a New year's eve... continue reading

EQUIPMENT FOR BEGINNERS in stock photography

Hello again everyone,As I promised in my first blog that I would next write something about equipment for newbies in stock photography, here I am. I have to say that I was very surprised how many people actually read my first blog and I am very happy that most of them found it interesting. This is all new to me, but very exciting.So, let's begin... For those who read my writing for the first time, I'm also newbie in stock, but I spent so many hours looking for right equipment and at the end... continue reading

How Do Beginners - Like me - Get Models?

Hi Guys!I decided to write this as I imagine I am not the only one to ever have had this dilemma. A lot of people have great shooting ideas but just don't know how to approach the tricky subject - of models and, of course, associated releases - required to implement such ideas. The unfortunate consequence of this is that a lot of creative ideas remain just that - ideas that never become reality. What a shame...There can be no doubt that Top Pros - such as the Yuri Arcurs' - amongst us are... continue reading

My butterfly macro photography tips for beginners

I have some tips for all of you that have just started to do macro photography of insects. I want to share what I have learned a few days ago when I was going to shoot some butterflies.It is very hard to get close to these beautiful and colorful little creatures without scaring them off. My first mistake was that I have always tryed to get close to them. I followed them until they sit on some flower and then I have been trying to photograph them while they feed. That is wrong. With macro lens... continue reading

Getting started

Hi ! My first blog entry.........I'm still in the shallow end of "Stock Photography" although I have been photographing things for over 40 years there is still a lot to learn when it comes to selling images.It has been a quiet week so far, a live gig with fantastic stage lighting on Friday and a photo shoot with a rock chick model in a sub zero graffiti covered skate park on Tuesday.... gave me time to catch up with processing images and up dating my portfolios.Next week (to avoid the cold)... continue reading

Two new posts in my blog

HiI do not intend to abuse of this blog to make announces for my own blog, but because is a brand new personal blog (about microstock and Dreamstime in particular) and I have just posted two new articles, let me make this last one. I promise, this will be really the last announcement!'Top five to do list for microstockers'and'My last year and half in microstock - a recapitulation'I intend to update my blog at least weekly, but sometimes more than just one time a week.Thanks for... continue reading

100 Images Online At Last...

Well... that took a LOT longer than I thought it would.When I started out at the end of 2008, I worked out upload schedules, and thought that I'd be up to 100 uploads per week by now.However, as I'm sure is true for many, life has a habit of getting in the way (or as John Lennon apparently said 'Life is what happens while you're making plans').So today is a milestone for me.I finally have 100 images in my portfolio, and I thought I'd write my first blog just to give a few tips and reassurances... continue reading

A few photoshop and photography tips for newbies and beginners

Hi!This is my first article! sorry for my English, I'm non English speaker!well I'd like to share some of the I've learned those years about photography and photoshop. Hope you find it useful!Isolation: The best method is to use the pen tool. You can find a lot of tutorialsYou can play with lines, curves and shapes, follow up the object you want to isolate and save the path as a clipping path. I've been told that designers love to find it as extra bonus, in images.I usually play with... continue reading

And it's triple digit, but what have I learnt so far?

Self pimping blog posts are nice, but I love to put some information in it for beginners like me.What I've learnt after 100 approved submissions:- To select only my best work, which seams banal but at the end of the day it's what really pushed me over 50% acceptance rate (this month I'm around 85%). I tend to be very picky with my self so I try to submit only the images that I really thing are of good quality and show "something" in my mind.- Have fun. Another banal tip right?... continue reading

Tips for an Outdoor Photo-shoot

Ok, so I headed off yesterday with my camera on an outdoor photo shoot and I quickly learnt a thing or two that I thought might come in handy for anyone that is planning an outdoor photo shoot in the near future........1. Keep a notebook.Recently this was suggested to me, and I can already see the massive benefit it will be to me. If you are planning to do regular photo-shoots, keep a little notebook / diary in your camera bag. Record the date, weather, camera settingsand what your aim... continue reading

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