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100 Happy!

Hello,So excited to have my first 100 accepted !I guess the first time I was interesting in Photography was when my grade 6 teacher built a darkroom and I made my first photo from a negative, butI never pursued it. Life got in the way and that was somewhat forgotten about, I was always the one with camera though.Years went by, 30 plus years!I bought a point an was fun for awhile, but I wanted more, my Son bought me a Canon,( non interchangeable lens) I was so excited! I learnt... continue reading

More than 100 images approved

Registered less than a month and already more than 100 images online, I did not believe it possible. I am very satisfied with the way it works here :)    continue reading

If you believe in something fight for it!

I've decided to write a little story. Yes this is a small thing and not worth mentioning to some but it means a lot to me because it confirms something i always believed in!If you believe in something and that voice inside you tells you this must be right, don't hesitate fight for it!Whenever you fell, get up and do it better next time and keep on going until you succeed! Why? Because at the end of your journey there is priceless reward waiting for you! Satisfaction!Below picture was rejected... continue reading

Never give up!

On logging in today I was impressed to find that my latest sale was of this image.What made me impressed was that this is one of my most recently uploaded images, has only 32 views and sold for $4.32, and no that is not unusual, what is though, is that this image was initially refused due to lighting etc...I was surprised as I thought it was perfectly lit, and just thought oh well, they just did not like the image and despondently ignored to rectify the image. But for some... continue reading

198 sales and share some experience

It is a great pleasure that i have 198 sales now.I am so glad that the sales is growing up and up.On my first blog "99 sales by now",it was writen on 11th of May,only 2 months ago.That is to say,I made my fisrt 99 sales spending more than 8 months,now only 2 months.I just cant believe this "huge"progress.I am proud of myself ,and proud of ,i will share some of my little experience to you .I hope this will be helpful for you.Firstly,i think a good... continue reading

Surprise, surprise

What a nice suprise when I logged in here at DT today...This image reached Level 2, it's my first one at this level... I didn't expect that THIS image would get any sales; to be honest: I dithered to load it up because I expected a refusal...Thanks to DT and to all buyers for this fine experience! continue reading

I want to believe

Every day I wake up at 7:00, start to heat water and turn on the computer. The lucky days, I see that Dreamstime photos sold for U$S 3,x 2,x, or 0,xx. The bad days, I do not sell any pictures, and the day is presented gray.This morning, an hour ago, my income grew strongly. ask me, I sold 10 pictures in one night? The answer is NO!I sold an I-EL!!!!The first in a whole year of effort and perseverance. The first one I corresponded, after seeing many who claimed to have seen. Yes ,appeared... continue reading

To be or not to be... exclusive

I have read some books about stock photography and most of them advise the reader to have his photographs sold by different websites. They say we can earn more money this way but... is that real?I really don't know about it - I'm new in the microstock business and like thousands of others, I want to earn money too.So, what I can say about exclusivity is: I WANT TO BE EXCLUSIVE to Dreamstime. Why? Because I'm happier this way. As they say: it's a commitment and I can be exclusive because they believe... continue reading

I didn't believe it was possible

Some years ago, I was called by a microstock editor who wanted to have my pictures on his website. The guy wanted to pay me 15% of commission over the pictures sold. I really thought about it and asked him to explain me better about the structure of his image bank and how I should submit my images. The guy then explained me everything, saying that his website was only selling CDs of specific themes and all the images should be photographed using positive slides - I could not submit any digital image... continue reading

I can't believe

I can't believe i can sale my photo on the web. I am very happy now. continue reading

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