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Reminder. Good titles and keywording makes the most work

Hello Dreamstimers,Just for the beginners here that have the question how to make more sales. There are different factors that influence your sales. One of the most important is keywords and titles.I learned in the past that titles and keywording are extremely important and if not the MOST important activity while submitting images or videos. I started myself with not paying much attention to this but i learned taking care of your titles and keywords will pay off. Submitting an image with... continue reading

Boost your portfolio with Antique Car Shows

What a great summer it's been, beautiful weather, grilled food, a great camera lens set-up and enough free time to be able to go out and enjoy it.This summer I've been lucky enough to get a lead on two car shows and they have proven to be a boon for my portfolio, with over 50 accepted images from these two shoots alone they have proven to be the two most productive single events I've ever shot for accepted images.The cars show I attended were great their was beautiful car after beautiful... continue reading

First sales?

Somebody actually downloaded two of my images!I can't believe it!I'm so happy I don't know what to do!This will boost my creativity even more. continue reading

boosted my creativity with motivation

Hello, I am an illustrator, sculptor, animator and independent short films author. I always been into the photography field due to my many art interests and at present I enjoy the challenge of being part of this "micro stock world".I'm grateful for the opportunity to experiment new way to express myself and I like to submit images and receive feed-back from Dreamstime,it is helping and motivating me in producing better artworks.Because I found is really important to commit Yourself to Developing... continue reading

No sales ?

Came across a blog here which said that he had lots of views but hardly any salesWhat are the ways to improve sales?First step is to expose yourself and your pictures. One good way is by writing blogs. (a good amount of exposure here)Secondly reading other’s blogs and writing suitable comments/suggestions. It helps not only that person but also others who read the comments.Next is using the right keywords.For example this picture here.If I want to search for this item I will be... continue reading

how to boost my sale in here

How to boost my sale in here....Any method suggest? continue reading

Am I a dumbass?

Do not get fooled by the title.This info will not help you boost up your sales.It will not even tell you something about your sales.But since I started a part 1 I can't stop using this title.Part 15 I made a mistake because I thought Portfolio Exposure (PE) did have something to do with how many people visited your Portfolio compared to your sales.Sebcz pointed out my mistake with the following comment:Comment by Sebczon September 17, 2007Portfolio exposure has nothing to do with... continue reading

Boost up your sales part 15: There's more to blogging then what meets the eye.

Another great way in boosting up your sales has nothing to do with your photos and everything with your exposure.In order to boost up sales you will have to be seen by the buyers.Ofcourse get your keywords and descriptions correct but also to link to your DT portfolio whenever you can. Use that referral link you'll find in your management area.Focus the attention on your portfolio and see your sales growing with your portfolio exposure. Ours today is at Portfolio exposure: 13.96%.I think... continue reading

Boost up your sales part 14 Back to school

Boost up your sales.How?Simple, by becoming a better photographer.Need help?Don't ask me, ask the following guys they give you all you need.Webphotoschoolanother webphotoschoolmore journalisme point of view continue reading

Boost up your sales part 13

No money for photoshop?Try IrfanView for free or the gimp also for free.Good editing does not have to be expensive at all. continue reading

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