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Nothing to take photos of!

I'm bored!there's nothing to take pictures of!gosh I live in a flat, yucky part of the world.. now if I lived (___fill in the blank) then I would have the best photos and the most sales here!If only I could win the lottery and travel all over the word, the best camera you can buy strapped around my neck...Have to admit.. doesn't some of those phrases run blithely across our minds at least a few times a day? well summer is here and I have to admit, its hot, I'm broke, and I'm working two... continue reading

Need Inspiration? Look Around The House

I admit it, I am addicted to yard sales and thrift stores. Tiny teacups, reindeer candle holders, baskets. I’m always looking for props. At this time of year they’re the only places besides my garage one can find Christmas stuff.The other day though, I decided to have an “around the house” exercise. What can I come up with, with what I have right here in the house (besides the cat)?A couple of cool martini glasses and some ice cream, some pinecones from the yard and a basket from the... continue reading

staying home does not need to be boring

As those who know me, I move alot on business or on wanderlust to discover new cultures and because I enjoy learning about how the rest of the world once lived in ancient era.But lately, I have not had that luxury to go away for the winter,not even during the summer .It can be boring to me, as I am itching to envision myself wheeling my luggage and grumpily waiting for my flight out of this city.Some wise dude (or dame) once said, "If you can't change things, try changing" . So I... continue reading

Getting bored could make you creative!

Few nights ago I was making my backups to my external drive! Tens of GB to copy! Lots of thoughts on my head, but no well to do anything!I brought a drink & I went to my FaceBook account... I traded some posts & comments with some friends! Some laugh just made up my mood a bit! Mentioning uploads for Christmas made me think a bit deeper about the subject! Oh yes I should make something for Christmas! Never too early!The results went as follows:1- Finishing my 3D glass clock. The time... continue reading

bored ? create a blog with Dreamstime

so , you 're still stuck inside your pad with bad weather outside. winter, hurricane,thunderstorm, whatever.if you're living in a city like me where everything stops with the snow falling, and the wind squalls,you will relate to how dreadful it is being indoors .i am a summer photographer, by nature (no pun intended).i shoot most of my fashion work and model portfolio on locationusing the best studio in the world, the studio of Mother Nature with the best strobe in the universe... continue reading

The clouds dim my inspiration.

I am stumped on what I can do in terms of photography. I have taken every possible photo of isolation I can with my cornflakes box. I have to wait until summer to actually get out side, only because my camera freezes below -1. It has been slightly warm these days but I can't get a good clean shot of nature because of the clouds. Clouds would be interesting with fog but in these parts of my city, we barely ever get fog. So for now, I am on my way to nowhere with photography. On the side note, does... continue reading

Shall we play a game?

ok fellow DT's.Are you bored enough to play a game with me?Let's see how many people we can get to share a pic.I am wondering what it looks like where you live....say a virtual look out your window?Want to play? continue reading

Great way to kill time online when youre bored!

I've been having fun with this little site - you play flash games, and win real money!I just cashed out my first payment last week.Every day you can spin a "search and win" wheel anywhere from 4-8 times a day, and you win money that way as well.You don't even have to play the games and bet your money unless you want to.Check it out, and let me know what you guys think ;)Click here for an invite to moola.comhereYou just gotta love the fact that you can play games AND make money. :... continue reading

working day

I sit here in the office. It is a relaxed day. not much calls and customers.I rather be at home, making photos or work in illustrator.If I am getting bored, I rather get bored at home :) continue reading

It happened one day...

A blog about nothing, the mad ramblings of a bored mind.I am counting the weeks... till such a time that I can start counting days... till such a time that I can start counting hours... till the moment that I can walk out of this place knowing that I never have to walk back in here again.Finally, the moment has come where the chains can be unlinked, when new horizons can be explored, when all things have come together and conspired to grant me a new beginning.2007 has lived up to its... continue reading

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