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Using Stock Images, Videos, and Music to Create Amazing Short Films on a Budget

You can create some amazing video Films on a budget if you stick to some basic concepts while using stock videos and photos. Today you get a whole range of videos besides images for use with your film projects. Even parallaxes are available for animating breaks or inserts to spice up your story line.Finalise your story: A great story is a must, one that leads a viewer from one part to another seamlessly. A good story is one which is meaningful, stirs up imagination, emotion or interest. So it can... continue reading

Affordable Lighting on a Shoestring Budget

Taking up photography as a hobby or new career path can be both time consuming and expensive. There are so many aspects of the art to master from camera bodies, lenses, accessories, and lighting that it can sometimes be overwhelming.Fortunately, there are inexpensive, Do It Yourself hacks to help save you some money when you want to try out new things or are just getting started in the craft. Let’s look at some ways to create professional lighting effects on a shoestring budget.Tabletop studio Let... continue reading

Lighting That’s Light on the Budget: Affordable Lighting Options for Shoestring Budgets

You have an upcoming shoot, an idea, or just want to create professional grade photography where good lighting equipment is required but you just don't have the gear. A basic light kit can cost close to $1,000 which is way beyond your means, especially if it's just to shoot for a couple hours. Are there any options?Well, yes, of course there are options!First of all, do you know other photographers that you can contact? Perhaps you might know someone who will let you borrow their equipment.... continue reading

Bird Photography on a Budget (Part 4)

This week I am wrapping up the "Bird Photography on a Budget" series with a conversation about flashes. I often see postings online that say "I prefer to not use flash on wildlife" and another might say "Flash scares the birds so I don't use flash." I am going to specifically address those two statements and provide you with two options for a starter flashes you can purchase dirt cheap.First, let me just say that whenever possible I also prefer not to shoot wildlife with a flash. The external... continue reading

Bird Photography on a Budget (Part 3)

Welcome to part three of bird photography on a budget. In part one and part two I discussed what lens and camera body to purchase to get you started on this awesome journey to better bird photographs. In this blog entry I am going to show you how to keep your camera steady and how to avoid the common mistakes related to both camera shake (blur) and subject blur. Inadvertent blur in photographs is probably the biggest mistake I see new wildlife photographers make when learning to shoot with long lenses.... continue reading

Bird Photography on a Budget (Part 2)

In part one of this series I talked about bird photography and photography in general as a blending of knowledge, pre-image visualization and gear which when used properly will result in better photographs of the subject. I also talked about my recommendations for a great starting lens on a budget. In this weeks blog I am going to discuss what makes a good choice in a camera body for the budding bird photographer and yet will not break the bank.The idea with these series of blogs is to weekly keep... continue reading

Bird Photography on a Budget (Part I)

 I have been asked two different times recently as to how to get started in wildlife photography and how my photographs are so sharp? I of course gave the obligatory answers about shutter speed, aperture, a good tripod and practice, but this has unfolded into larger questions for me. How can a person become a proficient wildlife photographer on a budget?How can he take sharp images without spending 10,000 dollars on equipment?Is this even a possibility?So for the next several weeks I... continue reading

How I'm Using My Budget Lenses

I'm a Nikon D90 owner and I bought my camera with a typical kit that very much available in my country. D90 body, an 18-55mm VR plus a 55-200mm VR and a nifty fifty (50mm f/1.8 non AFS version). I added a battery grip and Flash to it later.When first time I joined here, every photo I uploaded were rejected. I wrote another blog about how I learned to use the gear properly - you can check it out here - What Dreamstime Thought Me I discovered what the sweet spots are. And also learned... continue reading

Alternative Strobist lightning for beauty fashion shoot.

Sometimes traveling with heavy photographicgear could be an issue, especially by plain these days with all the luggage restrictions.For me the answer is the marvelous world of Strobist photography with wireless triggers,portable light boxes, speedlights ect.This particular beauty make up shoot was done in South Africa. No big studio equipment was hired.Instead I used a single off camera speedlight 580EXII triggered with Pocketwizards ( TT1 and TT5) and a 40x40cm light box mounted.... continue reading

Making your own photographic equipment

If, like me, you're on a budget, any innovative ideas to create your own equipment for next to nothing is worthwhile looking has a huge resource of info on photography as well as DIY projects that can be made with everyday things.You can't replace expensive studio equipment with something equal in result but lower in price, that's true enough.But when you don't have the choice or opportunity, you get creative and sometimes the results can be surprising.If you have... continue reading

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