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New motivation and ideas...

It has been a tough couple of weeks for me in terms of taking photographs, we had visitors over easter and it is a busy time down on t'farm and I have found it tough to find time, motivation or inspiration to take pictures...However this week I found an unlikely source of inspiration in terms of a request from one of my wifes clients who has requested assistance in illustrating his blog.She is currently digging through the DT archives to find around 160 pictures to illustrate a blog on self... continue reading

Image found

Heya,The power of keyword searching …Just thought that I'd say that it is great to be able to find copies of my work up at various sites when I can.Just found one tonight: to the buyer who bought the image.Short and Sweet. continue reading

Breaking the records "B"

Also two days between upload and sale continue reading

Slow but steady

Since starting with DT earlier this year, my sales and uploads accepted have been on a slow but steady increase.Each month with one exception, has been better than the last in terms of sales.This month was going to be a tie with last month until a buyer game in on the last day and put this month into the BME category, that is the picture included in this post.Thank you to DT and all my customers. continue reading

Over 3,000 Sales

Just went over 3,000 sales with my night Philadelphia picture.Big thanks to all the Buyers. continue reading

Keywording - becoming a buyer

Despite knowing there are plenty of articles already published on this topic, in DT, I just couldn't stop myself from sharing a few points. In my last blog article I wrote this: "If your keywords are not relevant enough your wonderful portfolio is not going to work up to your expectation." Also the same applies on category selection as well.Now it is very easy to repeat these words in various forms but the real issue is how to do it? Well, it depends to a large extent on the flexibility of your... continue reading

As it's the pleasure of every photographer to find his image used online. And as many of you would like to share us this finding here on DT & the social networks like facebook, I came up with an idea that could gather all these images in one place, to be a reference for everyone (Buyers & photographers) is my early stage project that I was able to finish today...It contains two sections:1- Buyer section: Where buyers can find tips & useful... continue reading

Thank you buyers

Through this short post I want to thank the buyer who beleived in me in these months. Although I know i have sold only 33 images, it's beautiful know that someone likes my pictures and I understand that thanks to downloads that I have received in recent months.This is a reason to keep creating new images!Thanks again, G.E. continue reading

Sold a TIFF format pictures

Today, sold a TIFF format pictures. I am very pleased.Thanks DT, thanks buyer, thank you for support and encouragement of friends!Thank you! continue reading

Finding inspiration

A few days ago, someone asked about where to get inspiration. To me, there are a lot of places. I've been a DT buyer for 4 years...I haven't bought a lot -- about 120 images, mostly of which are used in a medical-type newsletter. I've used these 2 recently:Now that I'm trying to sell some of my stuff, I still need to think like a buyer. When I'm looking for images, I'm reading my articles and thinking: how can I best illustrate (blank). When you shoot, you need to think that way too: If I... continue reading

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