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Select the perfect background image

The purpose of a background image extends far beyond just filling up free space. A creative background can draw viewers into your content and give them a head start by getting your message across undistorted. Here are some points to note before selecting your next background image: Natural ambienceThink of your text, logo or any such object in the foreground as the subject of a photograph. Do you want the subject to stand out? Or do you want it to blend in? This is a question you should ask... continue reading

Why Buy Photographs?

    Most people know it is easy to grab a photograph from the Internet by right-clicking and downloading it to your computer. Without going to the source of the photograph and purchasing it, this practice is "stealing" it from the artist who created it and the agency that represents them.You may be a blogger, and book writer, or a media creator for your new small business. You may find yourself wanting to enhance the materials you create with photographs. Great idea!Before you right... continue reading

Get into the mind of your customer

After reading the blogs and message boards here for several years there is one thing that really sticks out in my mind - that is that photographer's do a lot of talking to each other, sharing information with each other, hooting and hollering, praising and complaining, about being the ups and downs of being a contributor......But precious little time is spent talking TO the buyers of our images.99% of the messages and blogs are from the contributors perspective.One of the most important... continue reading

Does size matter?

They say size doesn't matter.It's all in the technique.And while I'd hate to complain about a sale there are two size issues that irk me.Let me know if you agree, disagree, never thought about it or if I'm just being irked over nothing.Size Irk #1: Sub + MaxThe slightly annoying sale is a Sub sale at "Maximum".Doesn't that irk you?I just seems like your image is being given away especially when the buyer seems that the really, really want it and want for something really good.... continue reading

Lesson number 1: how to buy a camera body

When I bought my first SLR camera, I had absolutely no idea how it really worked and what to do with it. I soon worked out that just pointing an expensive lens at something and pressing a button did not automatically generate a work of art. This was a major blow for me, as I am fairly lazy and like things to work out first time. However I persevered and with time, I got to grips with my camera.The main obstacles I faced were the huge choice and range of equipment and a lack of some of the very... continue reading

The perfect camera - does it exist?

My last blog talked about how less choice can be helpful, but there is another aspect to this that is particularly applicable to photography.Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about what gear to buy.What is interesting is that we don't just compare the options, which would be hard enough, but we also compare the options to a hypothetical ideal that doesn't exist.We do this because it is easy to imagine.Here are two examples:1. Lenses.When buying lenses I will often be looking for... continue reading

Buying pictures

There was an announcement that one of our DT members (from Wisconsin) is buying pictures.(with some conditions) and one of the condition is that the picture should be funny.So there is a frantic rush going on now with the deadline approaching fast and all trying to be funny. I mean all trying to capture some funny pictures. After all Mr Wisconsinart is “sharing his wealth” and why not make a grab for it.So I too decided to pick up my camera and go get some shots of something... continue reading

Marketing, Sales, and Photography

Tips from a Buyer, How to Sell More of Your PhotosAs a marketer in Alberta, Canada I've been using DreamsTime for about three years. The first few photos I purchased where for proposals and temporary marketing and advertising pieces.After buying over 400 photos on this site, I would like to pass on a few tips that would motivate me to buy many more of your photos.(1) Consider the possible uses of your photographywebsites, video, online ads, posters, business cards, etc.(2) Consider... continue reading

Are they honest

I was just thinking how DT is controling the usage of a picture.If for instance a picture is bought by subscription as royalty free, but the buyer makes 50.000 creeting cards with it, who is checking that? If he sells these cards outside the Netherlands, where I live, I am not going to find out. continue reading

Stock Photographers Camera Buying Guide

I just wrote a new article at my photography blog about picking a camera to use for stock photography.Here is an abridged version:A lot of photographers out there might be asking themselves, what kind of camera do I need to take stock photos?Really the only requirement for camera's among most stock sites are that they are at least 3MP (MP not MB, MP = Megapixel MB = Megabyte) or approx 2000x1500, not much bigger than a 4x6 photo.If your not sure if your photo... continue reading

Stock photography that blogs

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