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Times are changing

Want to share what I saw the other day. We were invited to a wedding. The venue was at a "ranch" outside the city, well not a real ranch although they had a few farm animals more for showing. The real business is to have weddings and other events. As this is California one can plan to have weddings outside with relative little risk of foul weather. Guests were invited for six o'clock and the ceremony started at six thirty and with dinner and dancing it lasted till 10:30 or so.When I am at a wedding... continue reading

When less could be... more. A personal review of the Olympus OM-D E-M5

Some time ago I upgraded to full frame. I traded my excellent Nikon D7000 for a brand new D610. I have also replaced the standard zoom Tamron 17-55 f/2.8 with its bigger brother 24-70 f/2.8 for full frame. All was OK, I was extremely satisfied with the move. But besides the increase in photo quality, the process created a significant increase in weight.Now, with all the lenses and accessories, my bag has a glorious 6 kg in weight. I have no real problem with that since I am convinced that if... continue reading

Newbie 5 months in Dreamsite and photography world

Welcome. The camera I bought for the stock photography industry. I've never dealt with photography. So far I have 150 pictures and 5 sales.I hope that every day will be to grow sales continue reading

Always Carry a Camera (Part 2)

Some time ago I wrote a blog (here) about always carrying a camera with you, just so you don't miss any great photo opportunities .Everything I said then is true today.Maybe more so.There are over 25,000,000 stock images on Dreamstime as I write this.That staggering number could easily deflate any contributor from shooting or uploading anything new.However, I'm convinced that for those who are prepared, and who carry a camera with them always, there are an abundance, even an infinite... continue reading

Getting Settings Right

I have always had a great passion for photography. I can still remember my first old 'point and shoot' camera my granddad gave me when I was six years old.I have recently bought myself the 'real deal' camera, complete with lenses, timer switches and the rest of the bells and whistles you can expect these days.It took me quite a while to get to grips with all the settings one had to balance with each other in order to get it just right, or shall I say: "as close as as possible to right", but... continue reading

Photo Camera for lefties, usable or gadget?

Hey Photo-Maniacs,Recently I was Taking a picture (of a fighter jet in flight) andsuddenly I did notnotice the plane any-more... because my right eye is covered by the camera, annoying and pictures ... lost ...Reaction Time lost...I have more stories like this, I will surely tell you later, somefunny other rather tedious, some even dangerous...I came home and thought would left-handed cameras exist, would there be people who find this useful.And strangely on google I found... continue reading

A Newbie's Comprehensive Guide: From Camera's to what Sells

Pictured in this article is my 700th accepted image and represents one heck of a journey, one year ago I started my adventure on Dreamstime with lofty goals and high expectations, but there was one problem I had no idea what I was doing and really had no one to ask and there was no "most asked questions" for beginners.My only choice was combing through the multitude of forums for answers, such as what sells?, what type of camera do I need to get started? and what to expect when expecting success... continue reading

Persistence Pays!

I joined Dreamstime in 2009 and submitted many photos for approval.Only 16 were ever accepted as the quality of my photos was never up to standard.So my percentage rating is pretty low as you can imagine.Disappointment after disappointment followed ... but I persisted.I changed cameras on several occasions but still it made no difference.Last month I decided to invest in a new Nikon DSLR which I have to say I am still learning how to use BUT .... having had the opportunity to visit... continue reading

White Balance, important or not ?

White balance is one of the most important setting in camera. It uses to create a real colour when you take a picture. Right white balance will makewhite will become white, red will become red, black will become black, and etc. Many people set their white balance to cloudy (including me), because I think cloudy can make great tones. althought not in every situation it works.Why not auto ? because sometimes auto white balance can be fooled and create he wrong white balance setting.So, one... continue reading

Turn your pictures into videos for Dreamstime by TIMELAPSE technique

 Do you like to take picture but can't make high quality video ?have you got a good photo camera but not video camera ?Turn you knowledge in photography into video making !All you need is you camera, a tripod and a remote control:1) first find a good moving scene, something that may change a lot in about 20 / 30 minutes but not too quickly.For example: a sunset, a sunrise, or moving clouds2) place your tripod in a good and stable position and frame your scene in the best way,... continue reading

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