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Concept Of Carrying A Camera Everywhere You Go

I heard this from Jay Maisel centuries ago. And I'm trying to do it even its a hustle - since I carry my camera in a shoulder bag and advantage of living in a small town, no one approached to say "you can't take photos here!"... They mostly like to think that I'm a journalist. I've even took shots inside of grocery stores.  But I feel that a range finder type of camera would be much better choice than a big heavy dSLR.  On the other hand snapshots of course doesn't cut it. I'm... continue reading

Always Carry a Camera (Part 2)

Some time ago I wrote a blog (here) about always carrying a camera with you, just so you don't miss any great photo opportunities .Everything I said then is true today.Maybe more so.There are over 25,000,000 stock images on Dreamstime as I write this.That staggering number could easily deflate any contributor from shooting or uploading anything new.However, I'm convinced that for those who are prepared, and who carry a camera with them always, there are an abundance, even an infinite... continue reading

Your friends' mobiles carry your next referral sale!

I'm looking at our Mobile photos category where we've added all images shot with a smartphone - feel free to browse it yourselves:Mobile phone shotsIt looks like these photos are getting better and better. Processed, pixelred, eyeemed, instagrammed or straight from the phone's camera, many of them are simply amazing. There is a certain type of photo that you don't get to see from your own DSLR. The mobile phone allows you to get closer to the model while being less intrusive and it's definitely... continue reading

Tripods...Useful or Too Heavy to Carry?

Many of you already know that in order to capture tack sharp images either with a macro lens or a telephoto, you must use a sturdy tripod.Additionally, using a shutter release and changing the setting within your camera to keep the mirror up, will all help assure the sharpest images possible with your own specific set-up.I believe we have all been guilty that we just want to go out and snap some images and not wanting to lug around a heavy tripod, I have been there.Later, i have regretted... continue reading

A Camera bag odyssey.

Yes, you guessed it, yet another blog, article, chanting from yet another person on the internet in regards to the never endingquest for the ultimate solution to carrying gear. Another ranting from one who, as many others have declared, has a closet fullof bags and who likes to carry too much gear...after all, you just never know when you need that one extra piece of equipment.Yes, I've scoured the internet in search of ideas, recommendations and personal experiences on the issue.Yes,... continue reading

Please don't take my camera away

I was searching for the perfect camera bag.One that would fit ALL my gear, be easy to carry, work as carry on luggage, and not advertise that I was carrying anything worth stealing.And I didn't want to spend a fortune.I didn't have much luck.I found some bags that were reasonably priced and sounded like they would carry my equipment safely.But I don't like messing with those velcro dividers.And most of them were clearly branded.So, I went on a photo shoot, with my old camera... continue reading

Always Carry a Camera

Always Carry a CameraSome might think that stock photography is only made up of controlled or contrived images.Indeed many stock photographers, myself included, spend time planning and setting up stock images.However, not all great stock photos are planned.On Dreamstime, for example, my best selling stock image is of a car accident that I happened upon just as I was beginning to take images to submit to Dreamstime.In fact several of my top ten selling images came from that car accident.... continue reading

Do you take your camera everywhere??

I just wondered today if I am weird for carrying my camera everywhere I go...even to the grocery store?I was inspired to write this today because I was out driving around and suddenly saw a several wild turkeys crossing the road. Despite quick parking and my best sneaky walking they all got away from me anyway!! But at least I felt good having a camera at hand.So how about anyone out you carry yours and what exciting image has been your reward??Here is an image of a lucky encounter... continue reading

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