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On The Road Shots ... Fast guide how to enjoy yourself and earn some cash!

Everyone loves to travel. Some like to stay in a resort, enjoy themselves at a pool, someone loves to get out of ones comfort zone and enjoy life in full. Unfortunately everything cost money and everything ends once in a while. Only things we are left with are our memories and moments eternalized in an electronic form.Personally I love to step out of my comfort zone time to time, get away from my stereotypical life and switch on my brain a bit in solving everyday problems in a foreign environment,... continue reading

Designs that stand out. New blog contest

Innovation has become a way of thinking and moving forward in every industry. Creativity is something that can really change the world, minds and even the way we live. World changing ideas come from design, too. And, in order to change the world, we need to think outside the box. That's our new challenge for you: Innovation by design. Creating designs that stand out.Share with us your unique vision and win money by collecting useful votes from our community: $300 (first place), $200... continue reading

Positive thinking.

 After years of slow sales and perfecting my selection Ithought I would try another way.Thinking about sales andhowmuch I enjoy seeing what has sold has increased the speed of my sales, not the amount per picture, I haven't perfected thatside of it yet! I don't know how it works, butevery time I spend a day or more thinking aboutlovely sales onthis site up theypop. Now,looking at my sales I know you may think, they are low, buteveryone has to start somewhere and I was finding... continue reading

Dreamstime paid for my repair!

This old iPhone, when it broke was a disaster. I decided to shoot it and let sales generate enough cash to repair it. Now to break my iPhone 6 ;-) continue reading

100$ - September best month!

I have passed over the magic limit a few days ago and wanted you to know now :). Just cashed out 108$. So far this month i have gotten 9 sales, i have never gotten that much in one month before, Im hoping for at least 10 this month to cross that limit too. continue reading

It's the economy stupid!

I made these images with the U.S. election season in mind and the state of the struggling economy.Whether you're skiddish about the stock market, investments or your retirementaccount or if you're a fat cat with money stored in hidden offshore accounts, the idea of hiding money under the mattress or in the backyard certainly has occurred to a few people. continue reading

$2000 in Dreamstime sales

I have achieved yet another 2009 goal here on Dreamstime, recording $USD2000 in sales. Of course with the exchange rate the way it is, that is close to $AUD3500, which is great.Hey, thanks to all those kind and rewarding designers who have purchased by stuff over the past 2 years.It is good to know that in despite of the Global Economic Crisis, things are still selling, so I raise my glasses high. Eye glasses, that is.Anyways, here's to my next goal. And 2009. continue reading

Sudio safety

Sooo it starts with an idea that in my mind might make an interesting photo.The concept of cash being hard to get.Or the risk involved in dealing with money.But there is also risk involved when trying to work with a live loaded trap and then sticking your fingers in it to put some cash on the trigger."ouch"Actually what I said when it went off was a little more dramatic but you get the idea.So what I did after that was to put a block of wood on the trap so if it went off again... continue reading

PayPal - Transfer cash to your Bank Account

Well...Just wanted to share my experience to fellow contributors.Anyone who is having a PayPal account, they can easily transfer their funds from PayPal account to their bank account.What I did. Instead of Credit Card I added my Visa Electron Debit Card to my PayPal account.Whenever you wish to withdraw your cash, select "Withdraw Funds to your Card" option and make transaction.It will come to your bank account in 7 days.Because your Debit Card is already linked to your bank account.... continue reading

I'm getting PAID - Yeah! - 5527834

Yeah!!I've been slowly but surly working up toward it … and it's arrived.I've reached that another of the milestones that I have been aiming at.A little triumph, for some I'm sure — but for me I'm SUPER pleased.I never thought that I would get there as quickly as I have … But one never really gives yourself the credit that is more than appropriate.I've been longing for a new piece of equipment and now I will be more able to afford it.& will hopefully get more good images... continue reading

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