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Creative projects as a way to train your eye - a review

Last year I wrote a short entry on how to use creative projects to train your eyes and stay creative. I also mentioned in that entry, that I had plans on taking part in a 52 week creative project where one had to create one image each week for a theme. This entry then is to review this challenge, to tell you what I liked about it and what I became increasingly sceptical about - and why, in consequence I won't do a 52 week challenge this year.Background:I had consciously already decided against... continue reading

Creative projects - how to stay creative and train your eyes.

How do you keep your creativity flowing? How do you train your eyes to see photographically? I have creative projects that help me with that. I have a few projects going, most of them are long term projects.One project is the "Project Green" where I try to find images where green is the dominant color or the subject. What I found helpful in this project is that I look at the things around me, trying to notice things that are green. There are so many things that are green. While plant images seem... continue reading

Family Involvment

I find that a big part of photography and microstock as a sideline, second job or hobby is having family support.Your family often has to put up with your desires to purchase more equipment, pose as a model in various situations, agree to be a model in the first place and deal with you wandering off on trips to take pictures of weathered wood siding.Its extra challenging when you kids are at age where they start becoming embarrassed of their parents!Unfortunately there isn't a big market for... continue reading

The Challenges of Macrophotography

Macrophotography presents its own set of challenges quite distinct from your usual photography.First of all, you have to spring for the lens, and that's nothing to sneeze at.Then, you have to get dirty --- I mean, you have to kneel, sit, even lie on the ground to take the shots you want.You have to assume awkward, sinew stretching positions so you can take a picture of that itsy bitsy ladybug underneath that teeny weeny leaf.Plus you have to suffer ants feasting on your feet and endure static... continue reading

Help through challenges to find success in stock photography ...

For those that are new to stock photography, or those that are just curious, my stock photography blog has many helpful resources which will be very useful to newbies. It also includes a unique timeline of my own successes and challenges in stock photography.Mark's Stock Photography Blog-Mark continue reading

New Challenges

Just thoughts came up to my mind...A new feature was launched on DT few days ago, for who didn't notice it's order print on each photo!For more info about the subject check the message boards.The question is... How many portfolios are having photos that can attract the buyers to use this feature?! DT must have these statistics for sure!The other question is have you checked your portfolio if you have anything adequate for this feature?! I checked mine at least and as for now my answer... continue reading

Thoughts from a Newbie.

Hi, I've been with Dreamstime for just over two months and what a two months it has been.My photography has radically changed as I've learnt much about microstock photography.I've also became obsessed with photograhy, taking my camera with me at all times and noting down any ideas that I have related to photos.It has been very motivating.My only frustration has been not enough time.I've been on Flickr for about two years and learnt loads over there but the freeback is very soft... continue reading

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