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wellcome to nanning

ImageIliveinnanningofchina.Itisabeautifulcity.Every year,ItwillheldtheinternationalFolk, wellcometonanning. continue reading

Chinese traditional drama, part two: Pingju Opera

Pingju Opera is the second largest opera in China, next to Beijing(Peking) Opera. It was originated in Tangshang, an eastern city in Hebei province, in circa 1909. Now it is very popular in the North and Northeast of China. Combined the art "Bengbeng", "bangzi" and "Laozi", It has its final name Pingju Opera in 1935, Shanghai. The name of Pingju Opera is extensively accepted through the media in 1936, after the showing of the movie Red crabapple.Similar to Beijing Opera, it also has four main... continue reading

CCTV Tower,beijing,China

As a city famous in history, Beijing(China) has many historical landmarks. such as Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and so on. Now, I show you another modern marks, it is CCTV tower, built in 1980's the beginning of China's opening.The tower stands 405miters,and it's fifth highest of world.*His portrait:****The tower with cherry flowers at spring:*****at sunset:***His beautiful reflection in lake:****... continue reading

First Milestone

First Mile StoneSince the number of my online photos reaches two hundred, I think I should make a milestone here on the way of microstock. But my sales is not so good, only thirty plus, even less the income, that's fifteen only.Most of my photos are the symbols of traditional China. the Great Wall, the old palace building, traditional drama... I prefer to take photos that I am interested though the not so popular and marketable, I just love it, you know.The difference between the amateur... continue reading

Welcome to My collections

As a Chinese photographer,I took many images with Chinese features.I like travel,landscape,buildings and my sons.Next are my collections,welcome!Summer Palace of Beijing China: of China: of China: kinds of Animals: continue reading

Chinese traditional drama, part one: Beijing(Peking) Opera

Beijing(Peking) Opera, also called Pihuang, originated of two basic tones of Xipi and Erhuang from Anhui province, and some other local tones from elsewhere in China. Peijing Opera appeared in circa 1790 in Beijing, it reached the summit in 1930s. As an eastern Opera, Peijing Opera contains singing, dancing, music, fine art and literature, by using mandarin language and Erhu musical instrument, is a mature art nowadays and generally became the national opera.There are four main roles in... continue reading

I reached 500 after Chinese New Year!

i'm very happy that i finally reached 500 images.thanks all here! continue reading

Valentine's Day is coming soon

Western Valentine's Day in China, although not a traditional Chinese festival, but have been accepted by more and more Chinese young people.Although we are still enjoying the Lunar New Year holidays inChina,but young people have been talking about Valentine'sDay.However, I thought that happiest definitely is the product sellers, Chinese lunar new year's sales busy season might continue to the valentine day:)February 14, we'll look forward to this romantic day. continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year to all !!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Good luck, lots of new travel, nice shots, great sales! I wish that the percentage of acceptance on DT was 100%! I wish you many new and interesting friends! Happy holiday friends !!!!!! continue reading

Here is Beijing/Peking

Here is Beijing/Peking, China.Here is the national stadium, Birds' nest.After the olympic games, there are still crowds around the stadium. continue reading

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