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The most expensive prime property in the world - China Hong Kong

Hong Kong stands apart is the most expensive city location in the world for prime property, some 61% more expensive than its nearest rival London, new research has found.The typical prices of a prime resale apartment in Hong Kong is $4.5 million which is 45% more expensive than London where the typical price is $3.1 million and 55% more than Paris where the typical prices is $2.5 million. That's not a good news for Local PersonThe image.Advertising Posters On Street , Hong Kong Industrial... continue reading

Travel In China

HI all. I'am a new seller in Dreamstime. It's my honor to join dreamstime & Pass the photo to sell. I'am poor, so i just use my phone to take the photo for nowwhen i got some money. i want to buy new camera & take more better photo to us to enjoy.Last Week. I had a Travel In China Yunfu. I was take some photograph to us to enjoy. hope guys can enjoy & Support me. thank youPs. Welcome to give me more skill, if I take the photo not good.  continue reading

My First Submissions to Dreamstime

I think it was a web search that led me to Dreamstime originally, and that was when I first discovered this thing called microstock. I thought, OK, why not sort through all these photos that fill up my hard drive and see what I can add.At first that seemed like a simple idea, but actually it's a lot of time and effort. If your'e like me, you probably have thousands of photos from events, travels, and photos taken simply from the joy of wandering around and capturing life into a still. It takes... continue reading

Milestone 500 images online

Today I am so happy that I achieved Milestone - 500 images online.Some examples of my portfolio, hope you’d like it.Lugu Lake lies 200 kilometers from the center of Lijiang City    Snow mountain in Yading, Daocheng, Sichuan    The Pass of Mountain Zheduo, Kangting, Sichuan    The autumn of Xinduqiao, Kangting, Sichuan    Animal      City scenery    Rural scenery    Many thanks! continue reading

The simplicity of the design

This is China shooting scenes in Yunnan. In today's prosperous city, this simple design style is to make people like, in the river and placed on a set of simple furniture, in people's vacation time to let people feel like the warmth of home. It caters to the modern mind. This picture, I reduce the brightness of regional exposure, because the sky is very bright, so I reduced the intensity of blue, this can let the whole picture looks brightness are the same.  continue reading

China's Great Wall incomplete

China has many landscapes, the most famous is the Great Wall. There are many Great Wall in China, I shot one of them. Here is a crippled due to the Great Wall, due to disrepair, this is not the attraction, visitors very little. But this is the true nature of the Great Wall, as it is an old building, after the storm, this is its essence, no modification.I did not wait for the sunset to take pictures, so this picture a little added a little late in the color temperature, making the overall picture... continue reading

Toys for Dummies

This is a creative whim. I used a dummy to mimic a fairy tale world. At sunset, there are a bunch of sunshine just launched into the lawn, I used a low angle shot this photo, so the characters can seem larger, the sun just illuminated figure's hands, there is a fantastic feeling.This photo basically no post-production, I simply adjusted his color.  continue reading

A typical Chinese architectural style

This is a typical Chinese architectural style. Chinese people like red lanterns lighting at night may also have auspicious meaning, so people like to put it hanging in the doorway.This photo due to the brightness of the sky and the house is not the same, I'm late to improve the brightness of the shadows so that the luminance of the same photograph, while increasing the saturation point, make colors more vivid.Photo Location: Yunnan Province, China  continue reading

Chinese chess

Chinese chess has a long history.During the warring states period, there has been a formal about chess records, such as: in "chu ci" spiritism ", "gas cap chess, there are six books; cao, forced Qiu phase; ChengXiao and seeks to call five white."."Jin" load: harmony doors weeks to see Taste a gentleman meng, said: "the first step, also the prince of thousands of take, zheng yan dou chess and dance... female." thus, in the warring states period, chess has been popular in the aristocracy.According to... continue reading

Travels around Asia Increasing the diversity of a portfolio

While in the past I have written blogs that help provide some thought provoking subjects to help the photographer look at things differently or to offer an engaging topic, this time, however, my article will look at the beauty and uniqueness of Asia.For those in the western world who have not been to Asia, each country is quite unique in their food, culture, people and architecture.The one commonality between them is these cultures and countries are different from the West.While some can say... continue reading

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