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Sunrise vs. Sunset: Which Magical Time Do You Prefer?

As a photographer, you have to take equal advantage of both the sunrise and sunset. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a favourite. I've put together a few of what I believe are the advantages and disadvantages to shooting at these two times in the day. I'm based in Southern Ontario, Canada, on the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area so some of my reasons may be biased to the location and environment. But, for the most part, the factors are universal.The sunrise... continue reading


My 500th download - a fractal - but I don't mind !! I will not forget. continue reading

Backing up your files

Backing up your files is important and I have just started backing up all my RAW files to the cloud after much research I found crashplan to be the best for myself and maybe other photographer may find them the best choice too.They offer unlimited space.Can upload from external hard drives and the file will not be deleted if you disconnect the drive from your computer, some backup sites only keep the files for 30 days unless you reconnected the drive. This is the main reason why I went with... continue reading

How much we pay for Adobe's move to cloud

Adobe Photoshop and the all Creative Suite applications just made a move to cloud. Adobe decided to discontinue software you can actually buy so they can force you to rent the applications for a monthly fee.As we can read here:"For a limited time, you can join a special Creative Cloud photography plan designed exclusively for Photoshop customers. It includes access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, plus feature updates and upgrades as... continue reading

Many Gatherings

Lonely guy watching the sunset and planetary alignment in a beautiful natural environment. Sun, stars, planets and moons in the sky and flock of birds flying to the horizon. I used that lonely guy theme before many times and this one is actually one of my previous works - needed a a complete renovation. Here it is with better lighting and details. I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking... continue reading

Backup Strategies

There are a few certainties in life.Our taxes will go up, we will get old, we will die at some time, and we will lose photos.The last certainty is avoidable, at least if you follow some simple steps.First you need to make a back up plan.There are numerous ways to back up data such as CD-R, DVD-R, thumb drive, external hard drive, and cloud storage.With the costs of external hard drive storage getting cheaper and cheaper it is an attractive alternative to using CD-R and DVD-R storage but... continue reading

First Free Picture

I always check the box to let go the picture to the free license galery if the picture is not qualified for the RF one. But I don't know why none of the rejected picture are accepted until today.The difference is today I let a note in the editor text area to state that I am agree to let it go free if it is not selected.And it is done for my clouds ;) which is not an exceptional one ... it is a kind of test. continue reading

Creating a cloud brush

Creating a cloud brushLINKHere is a simple yet easily adaptable method to make puffy clouds for your projects.We will start with a brush about 400 px in size, with a hardness of 0% and spacing of 25%.These settings can be found and set in your brush palette.Next let move on to Shape Dynamics. Lets adjust the size jitter to 46%, and set the control to fade and 25, minimum diameter to 25%, leave everything else in this panel to default and move onto the next option Scattering.... continue reading

Images of water ...

I've always loved watching flowing water, reflections in water, dripping water, waves, waves breaking, looking through ice, ...I recently visited these amazing falls in Brazil. 168m tall and when you walk beneath them fast rushing vapour almost pushes you over.A few years ago I did some experimenting flashing light though water streams with coloured paper and card behind and got some cool effects. One of the images was even used by a friend for an album cover... continue reading

dancing for joy floating on a cloud FIRST PAYOUT

Hey Everyone,THANK YOU VERY MUCH for coming in to add you lovely comments to my blog.As always this is the reason why I enjoy writing a new blog...not just only so much to brag about my gorgeous model, butalso to come back later to see your avatars and recognize most of's like a supportive community we have here.BTW, 2010 started the right step for me, I reached payout today,and have requested my check. I guess I will have some money to buy my lovely photographic partner... continue reading

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