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How to Photograph Coffee for Instagram Posts - Pro Tips

It has become customary for youngsters to photograph and share the pictures of food on social media websites. It is debatable as to what drives us to do so, but it is satisfactory.Instagram is one of such famous spots for people to upload pics of pizzas, coffee, pies, burgers, etc. The ease of doing so is that one does not need specialized photography tools; your mobile device is good enough to deliver a good picture quality.Today, we will take a look over a list of tips for capturing your perfect... continue reading

Opening Sweden - FIKA

Hey, guys!In continuation of my Swedish stories today I'll tell you about "Fika")What does that mean?Our evenings we spent in favorite pubs. One day we had a chance to talk with the waitress, who told us about the concept of "Fika". Finally, a purely Swedish jargon))) "Fika" means Swedish tradition to make a break from work for a cup of coffee. Swedes organize such a break every two hours and it takes no more than 15 minutes. "Fika" is often carried out with colleagues, friends or family.... continue reading

Back again

CiaoI am back drawing again, after nearly two years of pausing where I was opening my new life in Sardinia. I moved in Sant'Antioco where me and my love opened a Bed and breakfast.This time somehow helped me regain the love for draw.I now draw in pencil much more than I was before and my mind is more clear.I'm sorry if my english is a bit creative too, but anyway this year I will try to blog more here, not that I really know what to write.The 3 new images I've drawn and uploeded here... continue reading

My Coffee Latte Art

Nowadays, coffee is one of the most popular beverage all around the world. However, there are many types or brand of coffee in the world. Luckily, one of my friendintroduce me a healthier coffee with Ganoderma, OG coffee.Everyday, I will make a cup of coffee latte for myself, here are some of my latte art photos that I want to share with you..            Hope you enjoy! :) continue reading

My first 3D image: Coffee Cups

For some time I have been aspiring to learn to make images and animations in 3D program Blender, but ventured only in basic shapes and understandig the very basics of the vary basic. I even made short animations, but my PC is too slow to render it at a reasonable quality.This week I persisted, and created my first (and from my point of view, successfull) image. It is a couple of two simple antique yellow cups with a deep blue background and only a bit of light casting over them. I wanted to create... continue reading

How coffee boosted my microstock efforts

If you're Canadian, you know Tim Hortons.Unless of course, you've been living in a cave or trapping beavers in the deepest, darkest recesses of the Canadian forest for the last several decades.Tim Hortons.Canadas best loved, most popular purveyor of coffee and donuts.They're here. They're there. They're everywhere.On this street corner, on that one. In malls. In gas stations. In hospitals and universities...all over Canada.From what I've read, responsible for dispensing eight out... continue reading

Just learn a new skill :)

Recently, I am crazy learning a new skill i.e "Latte Art".After so many attempts, finally, this is the best one I can get. Here is My caffe latte art photo:Hope you all like it :) continue reading

Brussels Sprouts, Football, and Coffee, Oh My...

First of all, Happy New year to everyone. I Know, I know, we are like almost 3 weeks into it already, but I haven't blogged yet this year, so there :)My 2011 here at DTwas much better than my 2010, as I finally started to learn a lot more, get approved a lot more, and sell a bit more. I also got a new camera late in the year, which has really helped. I achieved my first Level 3 image, which was exciting :) Hooray for Coffee!I continued to add to my Fresh Vegetables Collection. Here is... continue reading

My first Level 4 picture

Thank you all of you for the supportI reached my first level 4 with my macro picture of the tasty coffee beans. I cant find the people how bought my pictures but thanks to all of them and all the Dreamstime Team.All the best for all of youimage13615217 continue reading

Inspiration while drinking a coffee

I love coffee, and there is always one big cup of coffee on my table while I am working on my computer. A few days ago I was drinking a coffee and wanted to test out my new home made studio for isolated images. Since I was having my cup of coffee in my hands, I got an idea to shoot some coffee related images.I was browsing through Dreamstime coffee related images, just to start some creativity juices flowing. And here it is...a few of my latest accepted images. For all of you coffee lovers :)... continue reading

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