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How to Design Effective Ads for Mobile Devices?

Normally when we come across the word 'ADS', it creates an image of a wasteful stuff which creates a lot of problems during surfing, calling, chatting, watching movies, download music, documents or anything else important for us. It become more irritating when these problem creating ads come to mobile devices because a desktop or laptop user has a wide screen and this gives a selected corner to add which don't create any problem while doing our work but in mobile devices we have a limited... continue reading

Instagram: 3 Ways This Social Media Platform Is Valuable For Photographers

Cheesy selfies. Pictures of food and drink. Horrible photography. That might be the general opinion of what Instagram has to offer. Why would a real photographer waste his or her time with this social media platform? After all, you get to post just one single link and that's in your profile that gets visited a relatively low percentage of the time.Well, don't ignore this app completely. There just might be some benefits. There is some great photography to ingest in this community and what... continue reading

First assignment approvals!

I'm so happy. I have not only one, but two approved photos in the new assignment. While I really have no expectations to win, the exposure is nice, and the confirmation that at least 2 out of my 133 approved images so far hold a quality good enough to sometimes be featured on the front page.What I like the most is how this has forced me to exit my comfort zone (dogs) and actually try drastically new things. For a starter, that selfie really is me and I hate being on the "wrong" side... continue reading

Successful Defense of Copyright Violation

I did a Google Image search early this past week of my ten best selling images and found several instances of them being used illegally. They were on Facebook, Blogspot and two private web sites.In the case of the private web sites, I sent a polite email notifying the owner of his/her violation asking for my image to be removed. In both cases, my photos were removed. One of the site owners sent an apology and a sequence of emails letting me know how sorry he was.For Google's Blogspot... continue reading

I am exclusive right now!

After many thoughts and after a lot of uncertainty I finally added "I AGREE" in the form for exclusivity and just today I received confirmation.I believe that it is now necessary to celebrate and start a new period on Dreamstime!Good sales to all! continue reading

one more download to Level 3

This image of the little boy on the bicycle with the grownups cycling together .this morning I received confirmation from Erin of Support when I asked how many more I need to get to the next level. Erin wrote back so quickly (thanks again Erin , multumesc), to say just one, I am a happy camper... um, no, let's make it a happy laptop computer manlike you see me here.and of course, I cannot wait for the day so my dear model and special friendwill be happy for me too, when I... continue reading

An Entertainment Era called "Michael Jackson"

25th June 2009 (26th June morning in India). I woke up due to a call at 3.30 AM in the morning. A call from my dear friend in London. She was crying. All she said was come online. By the time I went online, one more call followed from LA, from a source close to MJ who said "Mike is dead!". I couldn't believe my ears. The next thing I did was googling news for Michael Jackson and saw the news "Michael Jackson feared dead". Still I didn't believe. For me Michael Jackson is far more than King of Pop,... continue reading

Photo sentiment

Recently, from the library through a series of books on photography theory. There is deep sentiment. In recent years, although the photographic science and technology by leaps and bounds, but the toolsProgress has nothing to do with artistic achievement. We may be more and more concerned about the equipment and skills, but less and less thinking of photography itself. The photography is a wayRather than technology; is a confirmation, rather than deny ...Beginners often concerned... continue reading

Life Happens. Capture it.

I have been reflecting on the subject of life lately. Primarily my own, but also in general. After returning from Iraq, my perspective has changed and I have learned to appreciate little things in a whole new light.While contemplating life, I found myself flipping through old photo albums. I have done this many times before without much thought, but this time it struck me that these albums were a photographic chronicle of my life, from birth until today.Each photo that I looked... continue reading

Rites of Passage

Life is a series of events that mark our passage through time.Some events are as unremarkable as a Grandfather teaching his grandson how to swim or parents looking on as their child takes its first step. Other occasions such as traditional religious events or advancement at school or a job require celebration. Images that catch these moments become iconic photos that celebrate family milestones, relationships or rites of passage. They evoke positive emotions that advertisers use to build familiarity... continue reading

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