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Places, spaces

Great deal of photography is being on the right location at the right time. We check the time of the sunrise, weather conditions, we time our travel to have the autumn colors or the cherry blossoms on our pictures. We study police memo's and city maps in advance. We all have our favorit places for photograpy. It might be where you shot your first sale, or the hidden gem with lot of birds and butterflies, or even the corner in your home with the perfect light. The famous photographer, Robert Capa... continue reading

Foreground and Background, a perspective to landscapes

You can tell that a person is tall, short, fat or thin; but you can make that appearance stand out when you place two contrasts together. A tall and thin persons next to each other would intensify both their lengths.Contrast is important in a still to show what exactly is within. Its just that frame and it has to sound loud to attract and make us gaze for some time :)Using a tripod, controlling shutter and/or using some filters etc ... are not covered in this article.You're in some distant... continue reading

Photos that stand out Part 2

Some of you might have seen an earlier blog about photos that, for me, stood out in some way. Bettina (Bwagner656) pointed out that the majority had contrasting colours, which, when I looked back was right and yet at the time of posting, I hadn't realised. Since then, when I've been out with the camera, I've tried to look for colourful contrasts and so far, it's been more difficult than I thought. I'm still quite new to photography, so it's a case of trying to look at everything differently and not... continue reading

Photoshop tutorial for sharper pictures ...

Hi all! I would like to share with the whole community of Dreamstime, the knowledge that I acquired in Photoshop, like most of you know is a very complex image editing software. I state that everything I have learned is based on articles and tutorials, readily available on the internet, so I have no claim to teach anything to anyone, but I just want to illustrate my method of working, right or wrong. In this little blog I will talk about sharpness, a fundamental parameter and important for all images.... continue reading

Color catches the eye

After analyzing my sales, I noticed something that most of you guys knew for ages, colorful pictures attract the attention.Although sales are not always directly connected to views, you still need people to look at your pictures in order to sell them, so the higher you get the views, the better.Try it yourself, type in your random keyword, and look for the best selling pictures in that category. Seldom will you see a picture that isn't colorful (and really really sharp).In my last bunch... continue reading

Wonderful picture which I really like

Fish, flower and black ink in an china bowl with a style of Chinese painting.I like its circular composition and color contrast.Two red fish,spreading black ink,yellow flower and a little green leaf,I was touched when it finished. continue reading

The contrast of the building in the City

Now classic buildings are surrounded by the modern ones in the City.We have less and less chance to see the buildings those were very yearning.The picture is taken in a CBD in Shanghai. continue reading

New life for the old photo

I love old photos from our family archive. Most of them are black and white, and don't pretend to be of high quality. But they've a soul of some sort. And sometimes - interesting ideas.unfortunately, they were done with primitive camera and developed and home then. They're not professional and have special meanings only to my family and me.But I thought of the ideas... And tried to give old photos a new life - as illustrations.This one was a photo in it's 'previous life'. The woman is my mother,... continue reading

Being Creative

Being very new to Stock and after having quite a few of my first images rejected as 'not quite what we are looking for' I stayed away from uploading images that I thought were a little different just incase they weren't suitable for stock.However, searching Dreamstime I have seen so many brilliant and creative images so I thought I would upload a few of my slightly 'different' images to see how they did.I was really pleased to see that this image had been accepted.I wasn't sure that it would... continue reading

How important it is to calibrate your monitor

Hello there,After seeing 31 of my files under the Rejected Files list, I've learned something really important.These are the common reasons for my pictures being rejected:Poor color: this image has a low color profile and needs improvement in order to increase its sales potential. You can process your image with color enhancement software, such as Photoshop, giving it the appeal it needs.Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposureFirst of all, I was using Picasa to quickly... continue reading

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