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Photos that stand out. Part 3

Well, it's about time that I showed you another five photos that I think stand out from the crowd.This group differs from the previous ones just a little, as it has a black and white photo included. Black and white tends to get a little overlooked these days but can be very striking when done well.One other thing about these photos is that they don't really need any further explanation, they speak for themselves. Of course, this is just my opinion and we all have different tastes and perceptions.... continue reading

Photos that stand out Part 2

Some of you might have seen an earlier blog about photos that, for me, stood out in some way. Bettina (Bwagner656) pointed out that the majority had contrasting colours, which, when I looked back was right and yet at the time of posting, I hadn't realised. Since then, when I've been out with the camera, I've tried to look for colourful contrasts and so far, it's been more difficult than I thought. I'm still quite new to photography, so it's a case of trying to look at everything differently and not... continue reading

Appropriate collection management

Hello. I am a new member of Dreamstime community.I’d like to address this topic about "collection management".The collections are theme created by contributors photographers, whose purpose is to facilitate the search for the ultimate consumer who wants to buy images about a particular topic.Since the site has millions of images, to the ultimate consumer orientation is not easy. Therefore, the collection, if it is well done, it can be a great help.In addition, the collection gives photographers... continue reading

First sale

I created my account here, and want to build a good portfolio of stock photos.Then I got a few rejections and got busy.Today, I decided to visit Dreamstime.I am surprised to see that I got one sale! Wow! Maybe I should really be more active and upload many more photos.The first sale is a good feeling, I must say!Funny thing. The image is a creative picture. I was inspired with my camera one morning.Let's see what I can do. Let's see if I can build a good portfolio of stock... continue reading

Little Collection Experiment part 2!

Hi Everybody!Not so long ago I started my little collection experiment. I've had a lot of reactions so thank you all for the pictures and suggestions!I thought to give you all a little up-date on this experiment.At the moment 3 out of 4 collections have enough contributors to go public.On SafariA very specific collection that still doesn't have enough contributors to go public.I guess the more specific a collection is the harder it is to find contributors. But we will see what... continue reading

Little Collection Experiment

Hi Everybody!Not so long ago I've reached the milestone of 50 up-loads, which also was the beginning of this blog. The nice and encouraging comments on my first blog article gave me extra motivation and drive to understand stock photography. Thank you all for that!So it's time to try to figure out a new part: COLLECTIONS!Is it good a good idea to create collections?Can you benefit of participating and/or to them?Are there things you should think about when you create collections? Do... continue reading

Contributors shape the market!

I'm writing this blog because I believe there is wave of strange behavior from some contributors that is affecting the Microstocks Market in a way or another.This concerns everyone, but specially non exclusive photographers or those who might think of being non exclusives in the future.Now a days with the crises, we see many agencies showing up, some under strange names, wanting a share in the microstock photography market, & mostly they are agencies with no future, they just play hit & run... continue reading

Where does it lead to?

A hypothetical question.150,000+ contributors , 19 million+ images online, every day, competition is getting tougher and tougher each day .Creativity needs to take a notch up of each day that pass by.Just like this imagetrying to come up with something interesting about humming birds in flight.I initially thought becoming a stock contributor back in 2006 and seen possible potential , but got busy with other priorities, sostock photography was put on the side. Regrets…regrets…... continue reading

Get into the mind of your customer

After reading the blogs and message boards here for several years there is one thing that really sticks out in my mind - that is that photographer's do a lot of talking to each other, sharing information with each other, hooting and hollering, praising and complaining, about being the ups and downs of being a contributor......But precious little time is spent talking TO the buyers of our images.99% of the messages and blogs are from the contributors perspective.One of the most important... continue reading

Generic stock vs. Authentic stock

I am praying for that magic upload 25! And I pray it will happen tonight (I am at 24). I joined Dreamstime several months ago and was elated when some of my photos were accepted. I used every ounce of my creativity to create the best images that I knew how and was surprised to find that my images were actually being purchased!I have always been obsessed with photography as well as theater and drawing, but like any other artist I have always been a cruel critic of myself. I have always doubted... continue reading

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