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Uncovering the Secrets behind the Call to action that Convert

Call to action is the part of your message that tells your audience what to do. Have you ever been on the large crowdor concert and tried to get their attention. With all the noise and sound, it is tough to get the attention right? Similarly, if you have a great offer and passionate about the customer lives, sometimes they don't respond among all the nose in the marketplace. So, your call to action should be clear and compelling enough for them to... continue reading

How to convert Rastors into Vectors using Photoshop

I really want to start incorporating 'real' vectors into my portfolio. With research I am starting to understand the differences between rastor files and vectors.1- "Raster files, or bitmaps, utilize pixels to create an image. This is good for image color but causes distortion when changing the file size of a graphic."2-"Vector image files rely on paths to create an image. Since paths are numerically based, these files do not distort upon resizing and are ideal for text and other images in... continue reading

Black and white - converting and editing

As we know there are a lot of different ways how to turn your colorful pictures into black and white. We also know there are several ways to edit gray tones in black and white. One way I sometimes use (in photoshop) is the following:1. Open a color picture in PS.2. Create Vibrance layer on top of the picture (background) layer3. Create Hue/Saturation layer on top of Vibrance layer4. Select (if not selected) the Hue/Saturation layer and slide the saturation slider to the left side... continue reading

Converting Revenue!

Some times I see photos that I would like to have! this is a temptation, no wonder people buy photos!I thought many times of converting my little balance to buy an image.But then I say to my self, hey it's worth it but it's not the right time, I'm here to make money also!Have you ever thought of doing the same?I don't know if I will resist this temptation until I make my first $100 :) continue reading

my sweet dollars

hello peoplei got one big problemi try to pick up my first 100$ earning, and iv`e made a mistake: i was convert dollars to creditscan i now convert credits to dollars and pick up my earning?thank you continue reading

Black and White?

I really enjoy shooting in black and white, however, I am not quite sure how well monotone images sell as stock.I have uploaded a few black and white images in the few months that I have been here and some seem to sell ok (not a great deal but a few sales).I am always reluctant to upload more though as I am not sure if designers need these kind of images.Surely they could convert any of the coloured images they buy into black and white if they needed to?I would be interested in hearing... continue reading

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