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Tip - Leave space for copy

No earthshattering new ideas here but for novices to Dreamstime I think its worth mentioning that stock image buyers want to have room for their copy.Nothing says "amateur" or snapshot more than a composition with the subject in the direct center of the frame.Just because your camera's default focusing target appears in the center of the screen doesn't mean that is where the subject needs to end up.Push the button down half way to focus and then move the camera to get your subject in... continue reading

Whitespace that should not be white

Much talk has been about whitespace or copyspace in images - designers prefer it and photographers like to emphasize their subjects with it.HOWEVERWhitespace should not be white. Why? Because if it is white, it is just empty. Empty space that makes the file (look) big, but in reality only makes the designers pay more for nothing. If you isolate your shots, then you should crop tightly around it, making the image as big as actual information in the image and not more. It seriously is not fun... continue reading

Stock Sinners, Repent! The Stock World Is Ending! Repent!

O! Bretheren! Judgment of thy Stock World is nigh! Are thou preparest to meet thy Reviewer when Stock as we know it descends into the Pit of Fire? It is no longer 2005, my Bretheren, the days when any image could be slapped onto thy internet and wouldest sell. The End is coming! The Judgment when thy Stock World will have but one too many PRETTY SMILING GIRL. DreamsTime has reachest 9 million images and will soon explode into Darkness as the Apocolyspe begins. The hand of thy Stock God will smite... continue reading

XCOPY backup

Deleting data accidentallyor due to a hardware failure no matter how it occurs, the worst thing which might happen is to loose our files.Therefore I want to share my favorite backup method with you.I personally use an external disk to back up my work but you can use something else such as an internal one or another computer in your network or maybe a flash or usb memory...Whatever you choose as destination, there is a simple and speedy way of backup your files. Yes , I am telling you... continue reading

Copy my keywords. I don't mind.

Dear Guys and Girls ;)The trend of the year - photographers angry at someone copied their keywords. What a tragedy!!! What I'd like to ask these photographers about is: you make a lot of pictures and spend the hell of efforts and time on keywording. From where do you get extra time and energy to hang about sites and watch who stole your keywords? Don't you regret this time? Don't you think it's wasted? Can't you find a better way to use it? Or is it just another way to attract... continue reading

be all thing and nothing ? are you a good clone?

is it possible that as a newbie we sometimes try to be so full of it that we spin our wheels? getting everything but going nowhere, so to speak,my point for this blog is --- are you an incredible niche, or just a super copy ?we all have been there before. whether it's in sports, where we try to ape the jock to get all the babes. or in music, where we try to be the next Elvis or Jimi Hendrix. i remember when i was playing in a band, we had a foreign group that played nothing but the music of... continue reading

Keywords Copying - Is It A Crime?

I have to start with an observation about complaints what occur occasionally on stock photography sites: "Somebody stoled my keywords - please, stop it!", "How can I prevent others from copying my keywords?", "Keywords copied - is it right?!"Well, from legal wiewpoint - there's no law about words copyright. "Titles, names, short phrases, and slogans; familiar symbols or designs; mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering, or coloring; mere listings of ingredients or contents" are NOT... continue reading

Wait, I'm not unfinished with that yet ! ! !

As I continue to learn about thestock photo world I have read many articles about creating photo's that leave space for some one to add text, or even an insert into the photo. This is call ed an unfinished photo.As odd as it sounds, sometimes you can add something to a photo to make it unfinished.Here is a nice background photo of some colored golf tees. But by adding the golf ball it then becomes unfinished. The ball gives room for some one to add something to the photo.Another... continue reading

Stocking or not stocking

For a newby, an amateur, a raw meat like me to suddenly read that some think we should not be selling our photos comes accross like... surprising. But they do, there are lots of very good artists saying I shouldn't be one because I don't sell my pictures 500 apiece. And at that moment I get off my verbal sword.I don't know if this is a subject in USA, but it is certainly a controversy here in Spain. A controversy which end result is already decided.This is like the tomatoes problem. Now tomatoes... continue reading

Animal copy

The only thing I like better than watching animals in the wild is being able to capture them in a photo.We have been observing animals for as long as we have been on earth.The observation of wild animals is not only a thing of beauty but also a tool for survival. Even today we have to be careful because there are indeed animals that can hurt or kill us under the right circumstances.As we observed them we also learned from them.There is as much a reason that birds fly in a vee pattern... continue reading

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