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Nightclub photography: a couple of creative tips

Well if you are doing regular gigs in a nightclub you probably have already developed your own style of shooting but if you are still a newbie or maybe have access to a place with club lights or something similar maybe you could find this blog useful. Here I will give you some photo examples of what you could do, how I do it and what settings I use but keep in mind that the settings are not universal so if you are going to do a gig at a club get there maybe an hour or at least 30 minutes prior to... continue reading

Love that couple!

Being in love is amazing. You get to go through a rollercoaster of emotions and limit pushing feelings, you've got butterflies in your stomach, you're blushing or giggling for no reason, you're ready to go to the end of the world yet all you actually want is rest in your lover's arms. I'm pretty sure others have described being in love much better so I'll not linger on this.With Valentine's day approaching, you'll hear more and more talk of this '... continue reading

Warm winter and Romance anywhere on beach

This is a warm winter in Vancouver.BC Canada. It was just a piece of snow at city downtown area this year, nothing surprise:)There was the romantic thing that happened on the beach when I was taking pictures with seagulls:)Wish everyone here is falling in love and romance every day.    continue reading

Couple First Milestones achived!!

Hello Dreamstime!First milestone:My first 50 pictures accepted on Dreamstime. Its feels so cool!  thats my 50s accepted picture.And more pictures coming soon..Second milestone:In our family 2 weeks ago was born my New Model.. girl.. :) I became a dady!Yeahaaa! :)According to folk traditios, its not recomended to show your baby to strangers for a while...Anybody wants to talk about that tradition? For example in our family relatives think that first 40 days very... continue reading

Whatever happens, enjoy a better life

>Today, open the computer, I thought my monitor is broken, my God, full of a green screen, the Chinese stock market dive. A lot of people in a bad mood, just to see the original photo shoot, two long green belt goody green K line, a pair of positive leisurely enjoy life. I feel a lot better and we should as that the photograph of men and women to learn, no matter what happens, you should enjoy the good life. Happy weekend, my friends.    continue reading

World AIDS Day

HIV/AIDS is one of the leading killers of adults worldwide. The virus weakens the immune system and ultimately leads to death.HIV transmission can occur in three ways: (i) sexual intercourse; (ii) exposure to infected blood; or (iii) mother to child transmission through birth or breast milk.Sexual transmission is the primary transmission mechanism worldwide, and accounts for more than 90% of infections in sub-Saharan Africa.Condoms can prevent infection by reducing the likelihood... continue reading

Got an Assignment File in at the Last Moment

I've rarely gotten assignment photos accepted so I almost didn't bother the other day when I saw the latest one. It was the last possible day to upload one but I figured I'd give it a try and I got this one accepted. I'm excited and hoping it will get some votes now that it's in there. There are some excellent photos for the latest concept and others with First Date as the first encounter theme so the competition is tough.I wish I could have uploaded editorial photos too - I had people shaking... continue reading

New camera - new problems

This shoot is made with Nikon D80, because my Sony was broken. D80 is quite an obsolete camera, so it's not easy to make sharp images in motion. Unfortunately about 95% of all pictures can not be used in commerce.Olga's boyfriend came to the shooting almost by accident. However, what often happens is that these accidents allow you to create the best pictures. continue reading

Valentine's day

In less that on month it is valentine's day. Do not forget it ;-)I did a "Heart" collection that can be usefull I think.Heart CollectionThe idea started from one of my pictures:  If you have any picture that can fit do not hesitate to propose. continue reading

First time as a wedding photographer

October 16, the day of the weding ceremoeny of my friend's daughter. I was asked to be the major photographer. I was very happy they trusted me, but I felt not confident because I was not ready for such an important occasion.Althought I am going with camara for years, I never try to be a wedding photographer.Question one is Wedding is a very big thing for new couples and their families. I am not ready for the responsability because of the lack of experience. If there is something wrong with equipment... continue reading

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