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Tips for illustrations/logos/vectors/graphic designs – How To Begin: 4 Easy Steps

Except for some early childhood experiments with MS Paint, I never tried illustrating and creative designing seriously until recently. I got a "job" from myself that required me to put as much effort into it as possible. Having no extra money, I had to make my own book cover. I knew I had the creativity, maybe even a basic skill, but no experience. So how should one get started?I will guide you through the steps based on my example:1. Know what you wantThis is easier than it sounds, you... continue reading

Make MORE money from old designs & illustrations

I'd like to share a great tip for illustrators who already sell or are considering selling artwork on Dreamstime.This idea has worked extremely well for me.And while this article is a little wordy, if you take the time to read it, I think you will find it very worth your effort (especially when you get to the end).For the past 20 years I've been an illustrator & graphic designer in Chicago where I have lived my entire life.The best advise I can give ANY illustrator or graphic designer... continue reading

Finding Dreamstime Stock Images to use within my Graphical Designs

For my first post here in my Dreamstime blog i wanted to mention the one thing that frustrates me the most about stock photos...I would love it if Photographers would not zoom in so much upon their subject.As a raw image i can perform my own zooming in photoshop. And the issue is that when i am working on a clients project and they want, for example,an image of a business woman looking over a computer.What happens is i find strong images but all size are cut off but maybe one side.I would... continue reading

3D designs sells too..

hi..I'm still a amateur photographer, so i don't have much pictures uploaded, but i work mainly with 3D motion graphics, the last yearI upload a lot of them, most are graphics, 3D, cyberspace stuff, and last month i got my 100 sale, not bad i only have 55+ images.I will create, model and render more stuff now,is nice to see there is also a 3d design market in DT.regardsM.R. continue reading

Fractal art as part of designs

Fractal art is traditionally different from regular illustrations. They can be both vector or pixel but usually special programs are needed to create them. The programs are based mathematical formulations and variations. Mathematicians creates the basis of the simple elements and the designers changes only parameters to get artistic result.Fractals are sometimes most important part of a design. Nowadays they are widely used even by the biggest product releases and campaigns.Some softwares... continue reading

60's Psychedelic Designs Revived?

Okay, here's my first blog post!As a web designer, I couldn't help but notice a trend happening in the design world: the comeback of 60-70s' psychedelic art. It's not so much of taking the old artistic designs (think: Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, etc) and bringing them back inbut rather more of making RetroModernism (my term for the trend).The interesting thing is with RetroModernism is that in most cases, the older artworks would be enhanced, making it seem more polished and cleaner than... continue reading

Merry Christmas to you, and you, and you

Dreamstime has the best collection of Christmas images on the web. Whether the designer requires a theme, such as religion, or simply something to add to a presentation for a business, it is all here.I did a little search and came up with these gems.Karen Roach has a great portfolio of everything for cards, from candy canes, to snowman.There is no doubting the skill of illustrator Patrick Hermans with his messages of joy and goodwill.A classic Nazerath carpenter is seen in this vector... continue reading

Some new Designs

So lately I have been having quite a few of my photo works refused..which when I actually look back over the photos, I can see why.. poor lighting.. out of focus etc..So I thought I would try my hand at designs.. and what do you know.. they are all getting approved!!It's all a great learning curve for me!! continue reading

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